Half Moon Bay Nursery in Half Moon Bay, California

When was the last time you stopped by a plant nursery with soft classical music playing in the background? A nursery where during the holidays there is hot apple cider waiting to be sipped by their customers. A nursery that is more of an experience than a functional errand to purchase some plants. Half Moon Bay Nursery in Half Moon Bay, California is one of those places which is more of a destination rather than a nursery where one goes to just to buy plants.


I make my pilgrimage to Half Moon Bay Nursery about twice a year. It’s not close by, it’s a long 45-minute drive to get there, but that drive on Hwy 280 and Hwy 92 is so scenic that it makes even the drive to get there enjoyable.

No matter what time of the year Half Moon Bay Nursery is a magical place. The nursery sits in a valley surrounded by rolling hills that give it the perfect conditions to have a plant shop. The temperatures are always pleasant even in the peak of summer because of the cool Pacific Ocean air that comes down into the little valley from Half Moon Bay, giving the valley its mild and misty temperatures. It’s a dreamy place this nursery is.



Any type of plant you can think one can find it here in Half Moon Bay Nursery. Pansies in the spring, roses in the summer, dahlias in late summer, huge begonias in August, and warm colored mums in the fall.




If you love colour in nature, you will be in colour heaven here at Half Moon Bay Nursery..  Annuals such as impatiens, verbena, bacopa, and everything beautiful and colourful are always flowering in profusion.



In the summer there is a large area dedicated just for geraniums.



You can also find an extensive selection of 4-inch perennials, a substantial selection of succulents, roses, fuchsias, astromerias, impatiens, and veggie seedlings.


A large compound outside is where trees of all sorts and shrubs can be seen basking in the mild cool temperatures of the valley.



My favorite space is the green house. It’s filled with everything flowers. Hanging baskets overflowing with beautiful trailing million bells, nemetia, verbena, petunias, and pansies abound in this area.




Little plants for sale sit on old, worn out wooden shelves with moss growing on them, adding to the charm of this nursery.  Even the floor which is just dirt, adds its own rustic appeal.



All sorts of indoor plants, miniature roses, bougainvillea, hibiscus, more begonias, and tons and tons more flowers always look happy to be coddled and shown off to perfection in this lovely space.



Sometimes when my kids and Hitesh don’t know what to get for my birthday, we head to Half Moon Bay Nursery.  They just let me loose in there. Here I can go nuts picking whatever I want. This trip and the plants I pick end up being the perfect birthday present for a garden lover like me 😀. I couldn’t ask for anything more.


Not far from Half Moon Bay Nursery are plenty other nurseries on Hwy 92 that specialize in orchids, succulents, draught tolerant plants, and trees. There are even farm stands on the way that sell fresh-cut flowers, honey, and freshly picked veggies and fruits. Hwy 92 is full of little garden accessory boutiques and fountain and statuary stores as well.

A trip to Half Moon Bay Nursery is a sensory overload excursion where you can purchase plants for your garden at any time of the year.  An added bonus is the beautiful setting and spectacular scenery around this very special nursery.


Half Moon Bay Nursery first opened their doors in 1957 and has been family owned and operated for over 50 years.


Next time you head to the beaches in Half Moon Bay, make a stop at this charming nursery off Hwy 92. Here is their address.

Half Moon Bay Nursery
11691 San Mateo Rd
Half Moon Bay, California
Ph: 650-726-5392
Open 7 days a week from 9am-5pm.

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