Family Trip Down the Colorado River. Austin, Texas

On day three of our Spring Break vacation in Austin our cousin Pradeep had arranged for a sunset boat cruise on the Colorado River. Interestingly, contrary to what I thought, the Colorado river waterway in Texas is not connected to nor is it part of the longer and more well-known Colorado river that originates in Colorado and flows through Utah and Nevada and runs the length of the state line separating Arizona and California. The Colorado River that runs through Texas flows through Austin and continues southeast on its way to the ocean before emptying into in the Gulf of Mexico.

On the Colorado River in Austin


Pradeep and his wife Rushmi had given their kids an evening off from homework on this week day so they could join us on this fun sailing excursion – are they cool parents or what? My nephew Steven who also lives in Austin joined us too making this a fun family outing for all our extended families. Here is a look at our sailing adventure on the Colorado River in Austin, Texas.


Getting ready for our boat cruise.



On a cool April spring evening the temperatures were a perfect 60s with a light breeze making our boat cruise a pleasant and fun experience.

Sailed by stately homes and mansions on the river, some owned by celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey and tennis champion Andy Roddick.







Adults and kids having a blast 😀




Are Pradeep and Rushmi a cute coupe or what? ❤️💕

Took a group photo under the bridge


Docked for some good old Texas style burgers and fries on the shore at Ski Shores.



I ordered hush puppies and fried okra with my veggie burger. I haven’t had hush puppies and fried okra in over two decades! I sure miss them here in California 😋.

Fried okra
Hush puppies


Kids ready to eat some food 😋



Heading back after a perfect boat cruise on the river



One last photo of all the young cousins before heading back.


A special thank you to my cousin Pradeep for organizing this fun sailing adventure on a perfect April spring evening in Austin, Texas.


11 thoughts on “Family Trip Down the Colorado River. Austin, Texas”

  1. What an absolutely wonderful time- now I’m craving fried okra!!! And those hush puppies. Oh my lanta, yum! I think I would make a trip to Austin for those alone! Your family is so radiant. I just adore these posts ❤

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  2. How wonderful! I didn’t even know there was a Colorado River in Texas! Learning so much here 🙂 The cruise looks marvelous. Very beautiful scenery, and I imagine the company added to your experience 🙂 Memories in the making.

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  3. Dolly –

    Reading all of your posts about your trip to Austin makes me so happy! It’s so funny, I enjoyed seeing you all and had a great time while you were here and seeing the pictures and the stories is a delightful way to relive it all! I am so glad that you guys took the time to come to Austin, see us, and truly see the city.

    Hope you all have settled back into your routines and are enjoying life!

    Much love, Rushmi

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    1. Rusmi,

      We are all so happy we made t out to Austin this year! It was great to see you and Pradeep and the kids and your beautiful home. Your hospitality made our trip even more special ❤️. We really enjoyed our visit!!

      Hope to see you all here in California soon! Say hi to Pradeep for us and much love to the kids! love, dolly

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