Valentine’s Celebration with Two Friends

Valentine’s Day is such a special celebration of love and affection making it the perfect time to let people close to us know how much we care for them ❤️.   With the family we usually have a Valentine’s Day dinner complete with dessert and flowers for all 🌹💐.  When it comes to showing friends how special they are, I like to meet with them over tea or brunch and give flowers to those who live near by.



My friends Devi and Rose and I have been  getting together for Valentine’s Day for years.  We like to exchange little treats and flowers, but mostly we like to chat over a warm cup of tea.  This year we met at Rose’s home and spent a lovely afternoon reminiscing on life and family.  Here is a look at this year’s Valentine’s Day celebration with dear friends Devi and Rose 💕.



All set for our Valentine’s Day tea  ❤️

Chai brewing lesson with Devi 😋

Ready for a relaxing afternoon of friends and conversation

Valentine’s Day Tea Menu
Spiced veggie patties
Apple crisp
Cheese and crackers
Fresh berries
Heart shaped shortbread cookies 💕


A few selfies to remember our special day 🥰❤️

Flowers and treats to celebrate our friendship 💕😘




Deeper conversations with others makes people happier

“Recent research suggests that being with others can give you a better sense of well-being than spending too much time alone, but small talk doesn’t cut it. The same research suggests deeper more substantive conversations make people much happier.  The study found that people who had deeper conversations with others were more happier and satisfied with life than those who focused on small talk. So go ahead and talk about the weather, but also ask something more deeper such as an opinion on a movie, about their culture, or what they enjoy in their spare time.”   WebMD Jan. 2020


8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Celebration with Two Friends”

  1. Thanks for posting our Valentine’s Day Tea get together at Rose’s home Kalpana. Great post and lovely selfies of us! You’re such a great photographer as well as a writer. Reminds me of the past events and looking forward for future ones!❤️ Devi

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  2. Our get togethers are Always so fun and heartwarming! Thank you for the friendship and for chronicling our Valentine’s annual tea. Here’s to many more…❤️💝

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