Mother’s Day Flower Exchange. Part Deux 💐

Good Friday to you all. I hope your week is going well and you are ready for Mother’s Day weekend!  I know it’s going to be different this year, we may not be able to get our usual hugs and kisses that all Moms like to receive, but I hope we can all still make it a special day for Mom.  One thing I know that makes all Moms happy is a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  That’s why today’s post is all about flowers – in honor of Moms everywhere 💐🌹🌺🌸🌼🌿.Today I would like to share these pictures of an array of wonderful garden bouquets that were created by friends and family as part of my Mother’s Day Flower Exchange last weekend.  What a beautiful array of arrangements these ladies created!

First a little background on our Mother’s Day Flower Exchange.

Friends and family know I am an avid gardener and that I love, love, love flower! This year they have been sending me tons of photos of their garden in bloom and sharing their gardening stories. All these messages gave me an idea for a floral exchange to celebrate Mother’s Day,  kind of like a cookie exchange but with flowers. This is what I proposed.

“I’ve been receiving so many texts with photos of flowers blooming in springtime gardens and that gave me an idea. You’ve heard of cookie exchange, how about a flower exchange? I love Mother’s Day and since I can’t see you in person this year to celebrate, I thought we could do a flower exchange instead?

I’ll drop off a garden bouquet from my garden, and you gift me one from your garden.  I’ll leave my flowers outside, and you can do the same.  I’ll text you when I’m 5 minutes away so you know when I’m coming.  What do you say?  Want to do a flower exchange for Mother’s Day?   Hope to see you 6 ft apart with flowers 💕💐!”

It’s no surprise that everyone was enthusiastically on board with responses like…

“Great idea! Up for it. “

“Sure lets do the flower exchange. I am up for it too, hopefully I will have more flowers in my front yard! Otherwise it will be mostly leaves with some flowers 😊”

“That sounds wonderful! “

“Yes, flower exchange sounds fun. I am in.  Lots of seedlings are growing. Will take out a few by next Sunday for you. Looking forward 👍🏻🌷🙏”

“Wow what a great idea!”

“Hi Kalpana, I sure like your idea of exchanging flower bouquet with each other from 6ft apart. But as you know , I’m not very creative but willing to do it. Thanks for coming up with this unique idea.💕🌹💐!!”

“That’s a lovely idea Kalpana! “

A successful Mother’s Day Flower Exchange!

I am happy to report that this Flower Exchange was a huge success!!  Basically I mapped out my weekend and stopped by my friends homes in one neighborhood on Saturday and stopped by my other friends and families homes on Sunday.  To be honest it was a lot of work driving around town delivering flowers, even though I was getting some back in return.  It took a lot of planning, boxes in the car with padding to hold the vases with flowers and water in place, and making sure I drove slowly so they didn’t tilt and fall and mess up the arrangements.  But it was all worth it!!  Friends were so thrilled to see a familiar face when I stopped by!  What was meant to be a quick drop off and pick up, ended up being a fun conversation from 6-ft apart 😚😗😀 💐😘😍!

On Monday this week I posted pictures of the arrangements I made for the Flower Exchange.

Flower Exchange with Friends

Today I would like to share with you the arrangements I received in return 💐!!  Each arrangement is unique as the gardens and the ladies who created them. The arrangements I received ranged from sophisticated to simple, artistic to avant garde, charming to opulent.  Here is a look at floral bouquets as beautiful as the dear friends who gifted them.

My friend Rose’s courtyard garden


Rose’s charming garden bouquet


Friend Basanthi’s garden

Basanthi’s cottage inspired garden bouquet



My friend Lakshmi’s artistic and eclectic grand floral arrangement.





Friend Devi’s garden

Devi’s miniature rose and succulent flower garden bouquet


My friend Swati’s hillside garden



Swati’s hillside inspired garden bouquet



My friend Padmini’s garden


Padmini’s delightful rose and perennial bouquet


Cousin Meera’s garden

Meera’s dazzling rose garden arrangement




Cousin Uma’s elegant calla lily garden bouquet




Friend Veena’s garden



Veena’s colorful rose garden bouquet.  An assortment of a rainbow-colored roses 🌹💐.




My friend Radhika’s garden

Radhika’s elegant and exquisite charming rose bouquet



My friend Shalini’s garden




Shalini’s sophisticated red and white rose arrangement



Cousin Gowri’s garden


From cousin Gowri




A heartfelt thank you to all my friends and family who participated in our inaugural Mother’s Day Flower Exchange 🙏🏻😘💕❤️💐!!!   Maybe this can become our new annual event 🤔??   Yes, I am swimming in flowers but that’s what a flower lover like me loves!!  With everything going on lately, all these flower arrangements just lifted away my worries 💐🌹😍.



Have a good weekend everyone!
Be safe and take care!


16 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Flower Exchange. Part Deux 💐”

  1. your friends and family are as talented as you are with floral arrangements and flowering gardens. loved getting a peek into their gardens and the beautiful arrangements they made!


  2. It was great seeing you and Anjali 😍
    Thanks for your flowers. Beautifully arranged. They are awesome. 👏
    For sure, I would like to learn from you if you ever think of conducting flower arrangements/ plant care classes 😊
    We got lucky this year with our garden- more flowers blooming and some fruits are peeking to grow-grapes, Pomegranate, peaches. Have to wait and see how they mature.
    Here are some pics of garden flowers.

    The orange rose is a tree rose which I got few years back from San Jose nursery. It could be a Tea Rose. Not sure though.

    Thanks for the tea kettle and ceramic plate.

    Good luck to Anjali and Rani as she decides on her favorite college. Hopefully the waitlist gets cleared off for Rani and Anish, so they can finalize. Hope to celebrate the kids graduation soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Definitely a feast for the eyes!! Love all the beautiful, unique, floral arrangements – thank you for sharing!!

    Happy mother’s day! Enjoy all your flowers – you deserve them!💐❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Such a unique idea to celebrate Mother’s Day. Loved everyone distinctive creations. Collections of signature & favorite flowers arrangements will be something all mom will cherish, even brag about it to the whole family.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi, just seen. I’m trying to navigate through WordPress. Thx you, I am glad that I discovered yr page, not only the photos are beautiful, yr writing also is delightful. 😊


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