Hello Orange Season 🍊

Oh how I love orange season in the winter. Vibrant oranges add a welcome burst of color to any winter time kitchen. And how about that burst of zingy citrus flavor? Just fabulous! If you are brimming with bowls of oranges and looking for creative ways to use this favorite fruit of many give these recipes a try. They are easy, delicious and best of all I’ve made them all and they are always a hit.

Savory orange recipes

While we mostly think of using oranges in sweets, cakes, drinks and desserts, they taste equally awesome in savory dishes like salads. Oranges add a burst of sweet citrus flavor that wakes up any salad. Give these awesome recipes a try with fresh oranges.

Sweet orange recipes

Now for our favorite way to add orange flavor – in desserts! Cakes, syrups, and even ice cream get jazzed up with the sweet citrusy flavor of orange. In these recipes both the juice and flesh are used in a variety of ways. Give them a try!

Citrus Mocktails and Drinks

One of our favorite ways to enjoy oranges is their juice. Fresh squeezed orange juice – OMG that is a taste onto its own! In these delicious drinks orange juice is the star while the supporting cast is a variety of syrups, flavor enhancers and other complimentary fruit juices. Give these a try!

Happy orange season!

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