Sand and Fog Cocktail

Happy Saturday! Hope you had a fabulous summer week. Today I’d like to share with you a cocktail perfect for a festive Saturday evening or a quiet low key weekend. It’s refreshing, summery, and the best part is all you do is mix and stir.

About the recipe

Okay, I must admit this was one of the concoctions that I came up with on the fly last Sunday. I wanted tp use up a beautiful bottle of rose wine on Father’s Day, but the pale pink color needed something bold for a Father’s Day drink. Enter ginger beer to add a splash of spicy gingery kick.

Not only does the ginger beer add an extra bit of heat, it also adds fabulous sparkling fizz, and sweetness. This is delicious cocktail that is refreshing on a hot summer evening. It’s got wine, it’s sweet, little spicy, and fizzy all in a refreshing drink. Give it a try!

What’s in a name Sand and Fog?

Honestly, here i was taking photos of my cocktail with a beautiful candle for ambiance and I realized that the cocktail was looking foggy and pale sandy in color. The candle I was using was called Sand +Fog and that gave me an “aha” moment – l named this fogy fizzy drink Sand and Fog!

Santa Cruz, California

Sand and Fog Cocktail


1 bottle of rosé wine chilled
1 bottle of your favorite ginger beer chilled about 2 cupsTall champagne glasses


Fill the champagne glasses half way up with rosé wine. Then pour the ginger beer to fill up the glasses. Stir. Place a sprig of rosemary and swirl it around to partake a mild herby hint, Serve right away.

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