Walk on the Cliff at West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, California

Hello and Happy Friday! Today I’d like to share with you pics from our beautiful walk on West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, California.

Love Santa Cruz 💙🌊!

I do so love Santa Cruz – a LOT! Maybe because it’s so close to us (a mere 20 minutes over the Santa Cruz mountains). Or maybe because the drive on Hwy 17 over the mountains is so beautiful. I’ve driven this road at least a thousand times and do you know I still look at the redwoods, the valleys, and the misty mountains with admiration and awe!

West Cliff Drive

West Cliff Drive is a 6- mile round trip paved oceanside walkway along the Pacific Ocean in Santa Cruz. A very popular area for watching surfers, for bicycles, joggers, walkers, or just to sit and watch the waves.

Beaches, Light House, Surfing Museum and Natural Bridges State Park

With epic views of the Monterey Bay, West Cliff Drive takes you along a residential neighborhood past Lighthouse Point, the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum, and onto numerous beaches where dogs can run free among the waves.

West Cliff Drive ends at Natural Bridges State Beach and Park where one can even check out tide pools with sea stars, tiny crabs and sea anemones and more. In the wintertime, the park’s eucalyptus grove is the hangout for thousands of hibernating monarch butterflies.

Whale watching, dolphin watching and seals. Marine Life Party in the Ocean 🐬🐠̼🕊!!!

Walking along West Cliff Drive one can spot dolphins, whales, sea otters, and seals – lots of them! On this warm May there was a huge marine life party happening here. Seals, sea otters, dolphins and seagulls were are all having a giant sea life congregation. We could hear the loud chatter of the gulls and the seals. Only thing missing were the flumes of whales 🐳.

Cliffs, Waves and Sun 🐳🌞🌊

Can’t go wrong with gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean, clear blue skies, sunshine and the sounds of birds, marine life and waves 💙.

Hope you enjoyed our walk on West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz.

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. I’ve done bits and pieces of the six-mile walk – we’re lucky to live close to the ocean. So beautiful! Hope you’re enjoying the three-day weekend 😍

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