Celebrating Diwali with Family and Friends 2022 🪔

Hello Hello! Happy Diwali 🪔!! Today is Diwali the Indian Festival of Lights which is observed all over India in the fall. Diwali is the most significant Indian festival that venerates the power of Good over Evil. Happy Diwali to all of you who celebrate it 🪔 🪔 🪔 !

Diwali celebrations around the world

During Diwali friends and family celebrate by gathering over a feast, getting decked in new clothes and participating in sparklers and fireworks. In some regions it also marks the start of a New Year. Diwali celebrations happen all over the world where Indians gather at home and share in this special moment with family and friends.

Fun Friends Family Food

In our home we hosted a Diwali party this past weekend. On the agenda was fun, family, friends, food and lots of color! Here is a look at our Diwali celebration 2022 🪔.

Fair Warning! This post is long with lots of colorful pictures!!

Feels great to meet like this after a long hiatus. Lots of hugs 🥰

With COVID the last three years it’s been hard to gather for Diwali with all our friends. This year we went back to hosting our Diwali party like in the old days as I call it- indoors! What a novel concept 😁. Naturally this called for a big celebration.

Nice to see you again

Come here and give me a hug

Hello hello, welcome. Happy Diwali!

Hello sister and cousin hugs

Childhood friends hug

Let’s get the party started – wine and food please 🍷

Ladies in their colorful saris

Reds and pinks the theme of the night ❤️💕

Selfies please 🥰

Soul Sisters 💕

Hi Mom, Husband and and Mom-in-law

Young adults and guys 💙

Can I help you with that sari?

Hey, what’s all this laughter? I’m always missing the jokes 😆

Ladies, you’re having too much fun 😁

I missed another funny story?

This friend of ours sure knows how to have a good time 😁

Let me see those bangles

Appetizers Dinner and Dessert

Sparkler time 💥

Some last minute family pics

Ending this post with flowers gifted for Diwali

Happy Diwali 🪔!

9 thoughts on “Celebrating Diwali with Family and Friends 2022 🪔”

  1. Happy Divali dear Kalpana
    Beautiful pictures
    I knew you would celebrate in a grand way
    God bless you all with a happy healthy prosperous long life
    Please give my love and blessings to the newlyweds ❤️

  2. Wow Dolly .as usual so colourful..so merry so happy..wishing everyone a very happy Diwali and prosperous new year as I know everyone now ..

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