Thanksgiving in Malibu

Hello and Happy Friday! How was your week? Must’ve been tough to have a complete week of back to normal after our Thanksgiving holiday last week; I hope you had a good break. For us we had a very relaxing Thanksgiving holiday in Malibu in Southern California.

Sunset in Malibu

Relaxing holiday with no agenda

This little getaway to Malibu was a no agenda Thanksgiving holiday. We went to just hangout by the beach, read, watch TV, and just relax. We managed to get in one touristy thing and that was visiting the LA County Art Museum. Other than that, it was all beachside walks, watching the waves, watching the sunrise and watching the sunset.

Sunrise in Malibu

Folks! Can you believe I’ve never seen the sunrise over the ocean in California! I’ve seen hundreds of sunsets but never the sunrise until now. Sunrise in Malibu is just spectacular!! What a beautiful scene. We saw a gorgeous sunrise every morning we were there. It was magical!

Sunset in Malibu

Have to share pics of the sunset too.

LA County Museum of Art

As I mentioned the only tourist attraction we did was visit the LA County Museum of Art. A museum of modern art that was quiet on this weekday.

The street light installation at the LA County Museum

This art installation outside the museum titled Urban Lights, is a popular instagram photo-op and a must – see in the LA tour guide. The installation is an ode to the humble street lights that we all take for granted.

The outdoor sculpture consists of 202 historic street lamps dating from the 1920s and 1930s that could be seen all through Southern California. Presented as a gift by the Gordon Family to the museum over a decade ago, recently in honor of the sculpture’s 10th anniversary the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation generously supported the replacement of all 309 incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs, resulting in approximately 90% in power savings for the museum simultaneously reducing greenhouse emissions. source: The story of urban lights LACMA

I did say it was a popular instagram photo op 😀 – so naturally we had to take a few instagram worthy pics 😀.

Afternoon Walk on the Beach in Malibu

The temperatures in Malibu were in the warm 70s, absolutely perfect on a fall November afternoon. The waves were gently lapping on shore beckoning us to walk on the beach.

Thanksgiving the Greek Way

On Thanksgiving day we had dinner at fun and festive Greek restaurant Taverna Tony, and on one of the earlier nights even got to dine at “it” restaurant Nobu.

Beach, Sunrise, Sunset, Do Nothing Holiday

This pretty much sums up our do nothing and relax on the beach Thanksgiving holiday in Malibu. Came back home on Friday so we could catch up on work around the home before the twins headed back to university.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Wishing you a do nothing weekend 🍷!

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  1. What a fun, relaxing, time spent with the girls! Gorgeous pics of the sunrise/sunsets and beautiful family pics as well!😍

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