Celebrating Diwali with Family and Friends 2023 🪔

Hello and Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re having a good week! Last weekend was the Indian festival of Diwali celebrating love, light, and positive energy. Indians all over the world celebrated the festival in grand style with gatherings, parties, friends, family, food and fireworks. Here is a look at our Diwali party in our little neck of the woods that we hosted for dear friends and family. Enjoy 🪔.

Family pics before our guests arrive 🥰

Indian Celebrity Chef and Author Padma Lakshmi describes how she celebrates Diwali in the latest issue of Food and Wine magazine 🪔

Padma says “The first year, it was just my relatives and four or five friends who I knew liked Indian food, so they could come and hang, Then it kept mushrooming and mushrooming.

Just like Padma we started hosting our annual Diwali party after our eldest daughter Sridevi turned three years old, that was 25 years ago (she is now married!). Our Diwali party has mushroomed over the years into an annual celebration with over fifty friends, family and neighbors 🥰 🪔 .

Wonderful to see you for Diwali 🪔😘

Hugs and smiles to go around 😘😍

Padma Lakshmi’s style of Diwali party includes kids and the entire family and a free flow style of dinner – just the way we like it too 👍🏼💕

Padma says “I hate a sit-down dinner party where you get stuck talking to people only on your left, right, and across. I want kids and the whole family to be able to come and relax and enjoy.

We agree with you Padma! We do the same! Drinks, appetizers and dinner just happen organically with everyone mingling and partaking of delicious food all while having a good time.

Drinks to start the evening 🍷

Freshly made appetizers by Vijay and Priya 😋

Dinner time 😋

A special thank you to all the ladies who brought an amazing array of vegetarian dishes for our Diwali feast!!!

Sitting down for a scrumptious meal

Dessert time 🎂!

Mm which cake do I eat??

Meanwhile…the adults have already taken a bite 😄 🎂

Diwali is a celebration of Indian culture 🪔

Though Diwali is a religious holiday representing the triumph of good over evil, the holiday is about more than just that.

Diwali is a celebration of Indian culture, and it’s also a time to renew goals and priorities and to get together with a lot of family and friends that I don’t get to see often.” Padma Lakshmi

Well said Padma. That’s exactly what our Diwali party is too- a chance to get decked in our Indian fineries, see friends and family and spend an evening with laughter and joy 😄😄

Selfies with friends and family 🥰

Pics with everyone 🥰

Going bangle crazy here 😁

Ending the night with sparklers 🎇

And that’s a wrap folks 🪔💝

I hope you enjoyed a look at our Diwali celebration.

Wishing you Happy Diwali 🪔 !

18 thoughts on “Celebrating Diwali with Family and Friends 2023 🪔”

  1. What a fabulous celebration. Everyone in the photos look amazing in the traditional Indian outfits- so colorful and elaborate and the food is just beyond. Everyone looks so happy!! Happy Dwali.

  2. So heartwarming to see such warmth, love and camaraderie oozing from everyone! Thank you for sharing. Love seeing all the familiar faces – such a wonderful celebration!! So bummed I missed all the festivities.

  3. Truly a warm, colorful and happy evening that is etched into my memory!! We had a great time with lots of love, laughter and food!! Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures 😊

  4. Wow! Beautiful celebration! Beautiful ladies beautiful outfits! and a feast of delicious food!
    I missed all the fun!
    Happy Divali!

  5. Dolly and Hiteshbhai so great seeing the wonderful festivities. All of you so elegantly dressed ..the spread of food lovely and the most important thing the bond that you all share. So good to see everyone I know.
    Was a pleasure meeting them all during Sri wedding and glad Rani could face time.
    Dolly exceptional host as always.

  6. Oh my goodness. What a treat to see your feast of food, friends, and love! I like how you interwoven Padam quotes throughout. Lovely home, delicious meal, and loving family and friends. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you Dorothy! Diwali is an opportunity for everyone to dress in as grand as we can and meet with our friends and family over delicious food. These beautiful women all love cooking healthy homemade meals and it shows in their physique, positive attitude, and vibrancy. Happy Diwali !

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