I Love the Holidays!

I love the holidays and Christmas time. I absolutely love it, love it, love it. There is nothing more festive than the December holiday season. I can’t think of any other time of the year when the entire country gets in on the celebrations. Almost every mall, shopping plaza, neighborhood, street, and home is decked with … Continue reading I Love the Holidays!

Happy Valentine’s Day! A Vegetarian Menu Celebrating Love.

Years ago in the early days of our marriage Hitesh would take me out every year for a Valentine’s Day dinner.  I expected it. After a few years of following this tradition I noticed something – Valentine’s Day second only to Mother’s Day is the busiest day to go out for dinner.  The restaurants are crazy packed. … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day! A Vegetarian Menu Celebrating Love.

The Joy of Herb Gardening

Growing herbs at home is one of the most satisfying gardening tasks there is, and it’s extremely easy too.  As beneficial as herbs are for all of us, what is many times overlooked is the joy that herb gardening brings even before we harvest these herbs for all their healthful uses. Within the large realm of gardening, herb gardening has its own therapeutic effects.

When you are outdoors working in the dirt taking care of herbs, planting, weeding and watching all the bugs, butterflies, and hummingbirds – any stress you have will seep away, even if it’s just for a few minutes you are one with nature.

IMG_9545.jpg Continue reading The Joy of Herb Gardening