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I Love the Holidays!

I love the holidays and Christmas time. I absolutely love it, love it, love it. There is nothing more festive than the December holiday season. I can’t think of any other time of the year when the entire country gets in on the celebrations. Almost every mall, shopping plaza, neighborhood, street, and home is decked with lights and holiday decor. Even if one is not into celebrating the holidays, you can’t help but smile when you see shimmering Christmas lights everywhere or little kids excited faces looking forward to Santa’s visit. Continue reading I Love the Holidays!

25 Days of Recipes, Posts and Stories

It’s November 30th and with the festive holiday season upon us, I thought I would do a take on the 25 Days of Christmas that a few of our TV stations put on every year, where for 25 consecutive days in December a Christmas movie is aired on TV until Christmas day. Except in my version I am publishing a post a day until Christmas day. Continue reading 25 Days of Recipes, Posts and Stories

A Natural High

I love gardening. Because I feel great after I’ve been out in the garden, I’ve assumed it’s good for me. When I am restless or a little down I just step outside to get some fresh air, I walk in my garden, prune a few bushes, water a few pots, or cut a few blooms; this has always calmed me down and brought me out of my funk. I come back in with a dose of Natural High that gets me motivated to get things done. There is something very therapeutic about being out in nature. Continue reading A Natural High

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Wishing you and your families many warm and loving sharing moments on this very special holiday.

On this Thanksgiving holiday, I would like to convey my heartfelt thank you to all my blog readers and followers. Thank you for taking the time to read what I write and publish, for all your comments, and for your encouraging words. I truly appreciate it. Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

Celebrating the Fall Festival of Navratri Golu. 2016

The girls, Hitesh and I recently celebrated the South Indian Tamil fall festival of Golu, and what a fun time we had visiting all our friend’s and families’ homes to view their Golu displays.

What is Golu? Golu is observed every fall during the ten-day Indian festival of Navrathri and is celebrated in South Indian Tamil homes, especially by the women of the household. Continue reading Celebrating the Fall Festival of Navratri Golu. 2016

The Seaside Village of Half Moon Bay, California

Years ago when I was working at Bay Networks here in the Bay Area, I was Program Manager for a few of their marketing and sales tools, and as part of the project team I hired a company called Medior to do multimedia animation and programming for my products. Medior’s offices were at Pelican Point in Half Moon Bay, California. They had converted an old abandoned fishing warehouse on the docks into an open plan office space for all their programmers, art designers, and office personnel.  It had a view of the Pacific Ocean and the pier, and the building was basically glass from top to bottom. It was a beautiful warehouse. I wish the iPhone was invented back then in 2001, I would have taken a few pictures of that gorgeous office building. I still have the image etched in my mind.  This is how I discovered the quaint town of Half Moon Bay, California, my all time favorite seaside village. Continue reading The Seaside Village of Half Moon Bay, California

Visit to Mombasa, Kenya

Mombasa, Kenya. This charming coastal town in South East Kenya is the hometown of Hitesh’s family. Mombasa is different from other cities in Kenya. Because this area was a trading post for Arab merchants who traded between East Africa and the Middle East, you see a lot of Arab influence here, from decor, to architecture, to the people. While majority of people in Kenya are Christian, in this coastal area a lot of the folks are Muslim. You see many mosques and you even hear morning prayer calls from loud speakers in Mombasa. It really is a town with a unique character different from the rest of Kenya. Continue reading Visit to Mombasa, Kenya