David Bruce Winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Why drive all the way to Napa, when you can drive fifteen minutes up into the Santa Cruz Mountains and find some great wineries right here in the South Bay?  On a whim one Saturday afternoon, Hitesh and I decided to go wine tasting and made a quick trip to David Bruce Winery.  David Bruce is a small winery that specializes in a hand full of wines – mostly Pinot Noir, some Chardonnay, and Sangiovese.  In a secluded location off Bear Creek Road in the Santa Cruz Mountains, David Bruce is a low-key winery that has solid good wine. Continue reading David Bruce Winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Tri-Colored Roasted Cauliflower with Balsamic Glaze

Hitesh really likes to pick up these multi-colored cauliflowers from the local farmer’s market. They come in purple, orange, and yellow.  I wasn’t sure how these cauliflowers would taste, would they taste the same as the white cauliflower?  How do I cook it?  What is the flavor?

IMG_0756I figured the best way to cook these cauliflower heads was to roast them with salt and pepper so we can enjoy the simple flavors of these interesting vegetables. Continue reading Tri-Colored Roasted Cauliflower with Balsamic Glaze

Prepping for our Garden Party 2016

This year’s Garden Party started off on an interesting note.  I sent out one invitation for a Saturday Garden Party and my initial responses were “Regret that I can’t make it.”  So I assumed it would be a more intimate gathering.  But then I had to change the day to Sunday as I had a few kid related commitments I had forgotten about.  Sunday seemed to work out much better for all the ladies, and as the RSVP date got closer, pretty much everyone who was invited said they could come!

But a few things happened that were putting a damper on my party preparations.  The darn rabbits were eating all my flowers – just decimating them. Gladiola stalks chomped to the base.  Stalks of roses with tons of buds mowed down, and huge dahlia stalks with buds cut at the base and just thrown aside.  These rabbits were ruining my patch of flowers! Continue reading Prepping for our Garden Party 2016

A No Yellow Jacket Garden Party

Okay, here I was prepping my garden on the Friday before of my upcoming garden party, which was on Sunday.  I am potting up a gorgeous pale pink geranium cutting that I wanted to showcase indoors at the party.  I tussle a pot that had some potting soil in it and I get ready to pot up my geranium and what do I see?  A ton of yellow jacket bees!  One bit me on my arm, another bit me on my foot, and one was stuck to my leg ready to bite.  I ran like a mad woman.  When I finally caught my breath inside my house, I made sure no bee followed me in or got stuck in my mane of rough curly black hair.  Then I slowly ventured back out with a coat on this time, and from afar took a look at my potting bench.  And I see a group of yellow jackets just hovering on the ground in that area. Continue reading A No Yellow Jacket Garden Party

Visit to Google HQ in Mountain View, California

When we met our friends William and his wife Stella for dinner one day, William who works at Google offered to give us a tour of the Google campus if we were interested.  Of course we were interested!  So we arranged a date and the twins and I got to visit and tour Googleplex – Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California. Continue reading Visit to Google HQ in Mountain View, California

Gamble Garden Spring Tour 2016

Every year the Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden, a historic home and garden in Palo Alto, California hosts a Spring Garden Tour where a few private homes in this exclusive neighborhood open their gardens for public viewing.  The tour is open on one Friday and Saturday only in April, and all proceeds from ticket sales go towards the maintenance of the Gamble Garden. Continue reading Gamble Garden Spring Tour 2016

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