An Invitation to a Passover Seder Dinner

Our friends Dave and Rose recently invited a few of their family friends to a Passover Seder Dinner at their home, and we were honored to be included. This was our first invitation to a Passover Seder dinner.  I had never been to a Seder party before and asked Rose about it. She explained that this dinner is the beginning of Passover, which is the  Jewish festival in celebration of the Israelites’ departure from ancient Egypt and their emancipation from slavery. Continue reading An Invitation to a Passover Seder Dinner

Pulgas Water Temple in Woodside, California

The twins were on Spring Break, and since I thought it might be raining that week, I didn’t make any plans to go anywhere.  As it turns out, the week of the twins’ Spring Break was gorgeous.  But it was too late by that time to make any last minute travel plans.  Besides, the girls were perfectly happy bumming at home all week.  However as the week came to an end, I got tired of seeing them slouching on the couch all day either watching TV or reading a book.  So I decided to take them on a quick “road trip” to see the Pulgas Water Temple.


This is a new discovery of mine.  I only learnt about this monument when I was doing some research on sights to see in and around Hwy 280. Continue reading Pulgas Water Temple in Woodside, California

Veggie Planting on Our Hill 2016

Our veggie patch with our raised beds are prepped and ready to be planted with new veggie seedlings.  It’s mid April already and we need to get started soon.  We have been eagerly waiting for the Master Gardener’s Plant Sale this year as we had such great success with the veggie plants we bought from them last year.

Continue reading Veggie Planting on Our Hill 2016

Bouquets to Art 2016

Bouquets to Art.  What a novel idea!  Flower bouquets that mimic paintings and works of art in the permanent collection at the de Young Museum in San Francisco.  Every year I plan on going to this talked about exhibition, but something always takes precedent, and I end up not making it.  But this year I put it on my calendar 2 months in advance so as not to miss it, and I finally made it! Continue reading Bouquets to Art 2016

Master Gardeners Spring Garden Market

Every April there is a plant sale called Master Gardener’s Spring Garden Market.  This is a plant fair for garden lovers.  Hundreds of vendors selling all sorts of plants, gardening tools, and accessories can be found at this fair.  But what they are mostly coveted for is their selection of vegetable seedlings that the Master Gardeners program sells at this fair. Continue reading Master Gardeners Spring Garden Market

Black Bean & Corn Salsa

I had a small group of friends over for a holiday tea a few months ago.  I thought a simple tea would be a great way to get all of us together and catch up.  Everyone offered to bring something, and we ended up with a wide variety of snacks and treats. Continue reading Black Bean & Corn Salsa

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