Veggie Picking with the Family

2015 was the first year we had a veggie patch.  And we planted tons of veggie plants.  It was loads of fun for all of us to watch the plants grow and produce a boatload of vegetables. We even hosted a couple of veggie picking parties with our cousins.  Here are a few pictures of our veggie picking party. Continue reading Veggie Picking with the Family

Uma Aunty’s Book Signing Tea

My Aunty Uma (my Mom’s younger sister) recently published a book on Indian herbs and their healing properties titled Herbal Transformations. Ancient Wisdom Revealed for Health and Longevity. Uma aunty’s book is a treasure for anyone wanting to learn about Indian herbs and their healing properties. Her book has taken years of research to compile, and the end result is an easy to read book on healing herbs that has plenty of anecdotes and personal experiences to make the stories and information on herbs come alive.  Continue reading Uma Aunty’s Book Signing Tea

Our New Veggie Patch

We finally got around to building a vegetable patch last year on our hill.  This little hill of ours has amazing views of the surrounding hills and mountains, and tons of sunshine; perfect conditions for growing vegetables.  I asked my gardener to build the veggie patch, told him exactly what I was looking for, and after 3 months of flattening parts of the hill, tilling the soil, trucking in loads of compost and soil, the veggie patch was finally done.  Here are the pictures of our newly built veggie patch. Continue reading Our New Veggie Patch

Vegetables from the Garden

Last year was the first year we had a veggie patch.  And as novice vegetable gardeners we just went nuts buying a ton of seedlings, not realizing that those tiny seedlings grow into huge vegetable plants with tons and tons of vegetables!!  I had so many vegetables I was giving them away to friends to the point where one of my friends said she didn’t want any more!  It was loads of fun for all of us to go up the hill to check on our veggies, pick what was ready, and bring them down to cook or eat in a salad.  We even hosted a couple of veggie picking parties with our cousins.  Here are a bunch of pictures from our 2015-veggie harvest! Continue reading Vegetables from the Garden

Ina Garten’s Book Signing

The twins and I are big fans of Ina Garten and her Food Network show Barefoot Contessa.  We love her program; her personality, her home and garden, her recipes, and how she is always cooking delicious meals for her family and friends. In November of 2012 Ina Garten came to town to promote her new cookbook Foolproof.  I thought it would be a great idea to go to her book signing with the kids. I looked into where she was coming and the closest place was going to be 45 minutes away. I really wanted to take Anjali and Rani for this event, but it was a weekday, I wasn’t sure if I wanted them to blow off an entire day of school for this.  But then as luck would have it my friend Rose called me and said there was a cancellation at one of the other book signing locations and they decided to come to Sur la Table in Santana Row instead!!  This was great news because Santana Row is 15 minutes from our home! Continue reading Ina Garten’s Book Signing

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