Visit to Dallas, Texas. Twins Meeting Twins

Remember that television show Dallas in the 80s? We were all hooked on that family soap opera, heck the whole country, even the world was hooked on it!  The story of a wealthy oil family in Dallas and all their family drama with adultery, betrayal, bastard sons, and the one rival they are always fighting against. It had beautiful actors and actresses with great outfits and grand Texas scenery, it had everything a great soap opera needs to be successful. Remember that episode Who Shot JR? The whole country eagerly waited to watch that episode, which at that time became the all time most watched television episode ever! But wait, I digress.  That’s not what this post is about. I wanted to tell you about my recent visit to Dallas, the city in Texas – not the show Dallas. Continue reading Visit to Dallas, Texas. Twins Meeting Twins

Chocolat the Movie

I watched this movie on Valentine’s Day with the family.  After a scrumptious Valentine’s Day dinner I convinced the whole family to watch Chocolat with me. I had seen it years ago when it first came out and fell in love with it!  I had forgotten about the movie until recently when I was making decadent hot chocolate from scratch at home.  As I was stirring the dense creamy chocolate into the milk and adding cream, and vanilla; my memories of the movie Chocolat came back to me with a smile as I remembered Juliette Binoche doing the same thing in that movie – stirring creamy hot chocolate to serve to her customers. Continue reading Chocolat the Movie

Gray Mountain, by John Grisham

It’s chilly and dreary in Los Gatos, California – what? You say? In sunny California? Yes! It is winter after all.  I see grey clouds today as we are expecting another bout of rain.  A perfect day to read a book with a hot cup of tea. Speaking of grey and book, here is a suggestion for a good read – Gray Mountain, by John Grisham. Hitesh recommended I read this book, but then he is a big fan of John Grisham.  He has read every single book John Grisham has ever written. He said he likes Grisham’s style of writing because “he has a dry sense of humor and wit.”  I have read a few of Grisham’s books but they have been a hit or miss for me. In one of the stories I was just not happy with the ending and that turned me off from reading a few of his newer books after that. So I wasn’t sure about this one.  As I told Hitesh, “In the past I wasted my time reading the entire book only to be disappointed in the ending.”  To which his reply was read at your own risk; he liked this book, and now I can decide if I wanted to read it or not. Continue reading Gray Mountain, by John Grisham

Visit to Washington, DC

It’s President’s Day and I thought this is a perfect time to write about my trip to Washington, DC.  In October of last year, Hitesh and I went to DC for a little holiday.  Anjali and Rani were going on their 8th grade DC trip through their school which means we had the whole week to ourselves, so we decided we would do the same – head to DC, not with the twins of course.  The twins were mortified to know that we were going to DC!  They were worried we would tag along with them on their school trip.  No worries here! This was a chance for Hitesh and I to be together without the kids. Are you kidding? Why would we tag along? Coincidentally we did end up on the same flight as the twins on the way out to DC.  Of course they thought we planned it that way, but we really didn’t 😉

Continue reading Visit to Washington, DC

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Years ago in the early days of our marriage Hitesh would take me out every year for a Valentine’s Day dinner.  I expected it. After a few years of following this tradition I noticed something – Valentine’s Day second only to Mother’s Day is the busiest day to go out for dinner.  The restaurants are crazy packed.  Not only are the restaurants swimming with customers, the wait staff is working extra hard, the kitchen staff seems overwhelmed, and there is a constant stream of new customers impatiently waiting to be seated.  Restaurants want you to eat and leave so they can seat the next batch of customers, no leisurely romantic dinner on this evening. It can be pretty chaotic.  So I decided a while ago that while yes, I still want my flowers, and yes, I still want my fancy restaurant dinner – but the restaurant dinner I can take a rain check on for another day.  Instead, I will make a special dinner at home for all of us to enjoy and relax in the comforts of our own home.  This way the whole family gets to be part of the Valentine’s Day dinner. Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day!

Uma Aunty’s Book Signing Tea

My Aunty Uma (my Mom’s younger sister) recently published a book on Indian herbs and their healing properties. Her book titled Herbal Transformations. Ancient Wisdom Revealed for Health and Longevity took years of research to compile, and has plenty of anecdotes and personal experiences to make the stories and information on herbs come alive. Uma aunty’s book is a treasure for anyone wanting to learn about Indian herbs and their healing properties. Continue reading Uma Aunty’s Book Signing Tea

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