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Cookies, Cookies, Sweet Treats, and More Cookies!

Last week I got a post from one of my blog followers/reader Mackenzie, with a very novel social gathering. Her blog, which is mackmarie.com, had sent a request a couple weeks earlier asking her readers to submit their favorite cookie recipes for a cookie party she was hosting which she called a meet and greet party. I assumed she was asking for recipes for a cookie exchange party she was hosting at her home.


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A Victorian Christmas in Nevada City, California

We discovered this little town of Nevada City, California when I heard about it from my friend Radhika. She would tell me stories of this charming town and the wonderful Victorian Christmas fair that was held every year in Nevada City and how it was always a fun holiday event to go to. She used to live and work in Nevada City years ago after graduating from college. Radhika would describe Vitorian style stalls and vendors in Victorian costumes selling hot apple cider and warm roasted chestnuts, and the shops in town all beautifully decorated for christmas with shopkeepers also dressed in period costumes. Radhika has a way of making everything sound so romantic and nostalgic. She made Nevada City’s Victorian Christmas Fair sound so amazing that I decided: “That’s it, I want to go and check it out for myself.” Continue reading A Victorian Christmas in Nevada City, California

I Love the Holidays!

I love the holidays and Christmas time. I absolutely love it, love it, love it. There is nothing more festive than the December holiday season. I can’t think of any other time of the year when the entire country gets in on the celebrations. Almost every mall, shopping plaza, neighborhood, street, and home is decked with lights and holiday decor. Even if one is not into celebrating the holidays, you can’t help but smile when you see shimmering Christmas lights everywhere or little kids excited faces looking forward to Santa’s visit. Continue reading I Love the Holidays!

25 Days of Recipes, Posts and Stories

It’s November 30th and with the festive holiday season upon us, I thought I would do a take on the 25 Days of Christmas that a few of our TV stations put on every year, where for 25 consecutive days in December a Christmas movie is aired on TV until Christmas day. Except in my version I am publishing a post a day until Christmas day. Continue reading 25 Days of Recipes, Posts and Stories