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Grapefruit Dressing

If you like the flavor of grapefruit and are looking for a nice refreshing salad dressing, this is the one. I made this grapefruit dressing with a lot of grapefruit juice and very little olive oil turning the dressing into a thinner and very light version. Here is the recipe. Continue reading Grapefruit Dressing

Bleu Cheese Dressing

I got the idea for this bleu cheese dressing when we were on holiday in Santa Barbara, California last fall.  At one of the Spanish tapas restaurants called Loquita, I had an awesome salad with bleu cheese dressing.  I am not a big fan of bleu cheese, I find the cheese to be too pungent and overpowering, I was dubious about the salad and wasn’t sure if I would like it. But the dressing was so delicately seasoned with bleu cheese that it gave just a hint of bleu cheese flavor.  I liked the flavors so much that I decided to give the salad dressing a try at home, and it turned out pretty tasty. If you are looking for a change from the usual vinaigrettes, try this creamy bleu cheese dressing on your next salad. Continue reading Bleu Cheese Dressing

Simple Vinaigrette Dressing

I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked the recipe for my vinaigrette dressing. It’s my go-to dressing for any and all salads.  I can make it instantly or make it in advance, it’s quick, and it’s easy.  And it’s always delicious.  It is the easiest dressing to make and only requires 4 ingredients – vinegar, olive oil, salt, & pepper. The only other ingredient I use in this vinaigrette is honey to make my honey vinaigrette dressing for a sweeter version. Continue reading Simple Vinaigrette Dressing