Urban Jungle. Living and Styling with Plants by Igod Josifovic & Judith De Graff

Urban Jungle. Living and Styling with Plants by Igod Josifovic & Judith De Graff is a wonderful book on indoor plants. This is a great book for some of us who are looking for creative ways to use plants in our home decor.  With the upcoming winter months, what better time to add more greenery and plants in our homes for a natural calm inside our home when it’s too cold to get outside in nature.


Urban Jungle explores the world of houseplants and shows us how to decorate with them and how to keep them thriving indoors. This is done very eloquently by showcasing real families who have embraced indoor plants in their homes. The best part of these case studies is where these families live – the families featured in Urban Jungle are from ALL parts of the world.  Families from England to France, to Germany, U.S, and even Istanbul, Turkey. So no matter what your climate conditions there is a relatable family that speaks to your lifestyle and home.




Most of the families featured have kids, showing us how decorating stylishly with plants can be for ever family and every lifestyle.



The book is so well organized and presented that it makes it extremely easy to get right to the inspiration or information you are looking for.  Each “family case study” for lack of a better word is presented with tons of pictures of the family, how they incorporate plants in their decor, what their nature-incorporating philosophy is, and what their insights and tips are on making plants and greenery a part of their lifestyle.


The format of the book is easy to follow. Little vignettes within each family story share valuable information such as Care Tips, Stylish Tips, and Did You Know type of snippets.



Did you know for example that Oxalis Triangularis makes a great indoor plant?  I’ve had one growing in a pot outdoors for years and had no idea I could grow them indoors.  I also didn’t know that the flower and leaves on this plant are edible. Such cool and interesting tidbits on plants are shared in an appealing and easy to read beautifully presented way.



I also had no idea succulents would make great indoor plants. Now I do! I’ll be moving a few of my succulents indoors over the cooler months to give it a try.


How about some cool ideas. That is exactly what the authors call their cool ideas – Cool Idea! These one-pagers partake of quick and easy plant ideas one can implement in their own homes.



Wonderful artwork breaks up this fabulous gardening and decorating book and adds a bit of artsy whimsy to this gem of a read.


Urban Jungle is at its core about styling with houseplants. What better way to get right to the point on this topic by presenting it in an eye-catching way and calling it just that – Styling Tip.


To-the-point information on houseplants gives us the most relevant information to enable us to succeed in growing beautiful plants indoors.



I love the gorgeous photography in Urban Jungle.  With clean fresh photos of the lushest plants in the most cheerful of bright sunny settings, the photography makes Urban Jungle a captivating and enjoyable read.




Urban Jungle even has a huge list of blogs that focus on indoor plants.


With plenty of gorgeous photos and easy to follow tips on how to take care of indoor plants, Urban Jungle will make a great reference book that any one of us can turn to again and again as we explore the world of houseplants.


Grab a copy of this outstanding book and start your own urban jungle. With the holidays coming up why not present a small potted plant along with a copy of of Urban Jungle – I know I would love a thoughtful present like that!


Urban Jungle.  Living and Styling with Plants by Igod Josifovic & Judith De Graff is available at bookstores and on Amazon.


12 thoughts on “Urban Jungle. Living and Styling with Plants by Igod Josifovic & Judith De Graff”

  1. I’m putting this one on my wish list! My mom was a master of decorating our home with plants. She kept it tasteful, and sort of minimalistic, but very inviting. All her plants always looked like from a book. At least that’s how I remember it.

    1. Your Mom sounds like she had a keen decorating eye. What fond memories you have! My Mom was an avid gardener and botanist and had loads of plants indoors but she had no sense of decor so it looked more like a jungle in the home like an urban jungle 😀. I on the other hand prefer a more tasteful display of house plants. This book gave me great ideas on what type of pots look good with what platns, just a great feel good book all around!!

  2. Hi Kalpana, I went ahead and ordered the book for my friend in the UK. I’ll figure out a way to ship it. Probably weighs a ton!

    1. Your friend will love it! Yeah unfortunately books are heavy. Please let me know what her feedback is on the book once she receives it. I am so happy you found my book review helpful!

      1. Hi Kalpana, your book review wasn’t just helpful. It was inspiring! I’m not good with plants but I was so inspired that I thought about my friend.

    1. I really enjoy going through this book for ideas on how to display plants in the home. I love the pots – I know you love potted plants too 😊, you will enjoy going through this book! Has great ideas on what plants do well inside our homes.

  3. Hi Kalpana, a great book. I looked it up on Amazon and the authors believe the book is for everyone who wants to bring more green into their home. They don’t believe in the concept of the “green thumb”. They believe everyone can live with and care for plants. All one needs is the right information. Maybe there is hope then for people like me.

    It’s a beautiful book. I’m thinking about getting a copy for a dear friend who lives in London. Her business is taking care of plants for corporate offices.

    1. I love this book for all its information! The photos are amazing, they transport us to wonderful parts of the world where everyone just looks happy and enthusiastic about nature indoors. I am sure your friend will love it! It has beautiful photography and makes me smile every time I peruse through the book. I hope your friend likes it!! Please let me know what her feedback is once she receives it. Thanks.

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