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Nairobi and Thika

We arrived in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. on Saturday, July 10th. It was a cool balmy cloudy day when we arrived in the evening. With temperatures in the mild 60s and a light drizzle, coming from hot California I actually loved the cool temps.

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Mediterranean Style Afternoon Tea

Hi everyone, are you still on summer holiday mode? Looking for a creative and exotic idea for an afternoon tea? Give this mediterranean inspired teatime spread a try. It’s cool, light, refreshing, and easy to put together. Honestly, this is the easiest afternoon tea spread with the most spectacular of results. Give it a try!

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Tuscan Summer Dinner at Babita and Shankar’s

Hello and Happy Wednesday! Hope you are having a good week. Today I’d like to share with you a menu suggestion for a light and summery dinner perfect for an al fresco evening . This menu has everything to make it a fun summery meal – garden fresh salad, garlic bread, pasta and roasted veggies. Serve it with a glass of wine and its perfect on a cool summer evening.

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Friday Flowers. The Mustard Flowers of Napa Valley

Early spring in Napa Valley is a magical time. I can gush on and on about how gorgeous Napa Valley is in early spring in February and March. It’s a brief moment in time when the valley is covered in vibrant yellow mustard flowers, and we got to witness this spectacular nature scene last March when we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary there. Right before the pandemic lockdown! Talk about perfect timing!

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The Indian Engagement Ceremony

My eldest daughter got engaged this past weekend! What a nail biter of a day it was! Mainly because it was orchestrated to be a surprise for her. Well I’m happy to report we pulled off a wonderfully romantic surprise proposal last Saturday. In this post I wanted to share with you pics of the Indian engagement ceremony we had right after Sri said YES!

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Diwali Tea with a Friend

Twenty twenty made it difficult for all of us to meet and get together for special occasions like we usually do, and Diwai is no exception. It was impossible for us to host a Diwali celebration for all the reasons the rest of the world is struggling with the onset of the pandemic. But we were able to create a small bubble with select family and friends and that made it possible for us to celebrate holidays safely with our loved ones. An intimate tea with my best friend and Dad to celebrate Diwali? This truly was a magical afternoon,

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Navratri Celebrations Twenty Twenty

Navratri celebrations are something our family especially the gals look forward to every year. It’s an opportunity for the ladies to get decked in our Indian fineries and meet with friends and family.

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Summer Birthday Brunch and Dinner. Menus Worth Replicating

Hello and a good Monday to you all.  How was your weekend?  Relaxing? Quiet? Busy?  I hope you had a chance to not do anything for a bit. For us it was a very quiet weekend, and for me – it was a very relaxing weekend. Continue reading Summer Birthday Brunch and Dinner. Menus Worth Replicating