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Rosé Lime Watermelon Cocktail

With our hot summer days in full force a glass of chilled rosé wine is a welcome respite on a lazy summer evening. How about jazzing it up a bit? This cocktail does just that. With in season watermelon juice, a bit of lime syrup, and wine, the result is a delicious cocktail that’s cool and eclectic.

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Chardonnay, Goat Cheese and Crackers. The Perfect Pairing

Hello and Happy Weekend! Are you going to see friends, maybe having them over? Planning on serving wine? How about a chilled bottle of chardonnay? And how about the perfect pairing for this full bodied white wine? Try serving it with goat cheese and crackers. A winning combo 👌🏼🥂🧀😋,

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Hello Orange Season 🍊

Oh how I love orange season in the winter. Vibrant oranges add a welcome burst of color to any winter time kitchen. And how about that burst of zingy citrus flavor? Just fabulous! If you are brimming with bowls of oranges and looking for creative ways to use this favorite fruit of many give these recipes a try. They are easy, delicious and best of all I’ve made them all and they are always a hit.

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