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Wind Chimes in Vadodara, India

India is an amalgamation of small alleys, streets and markets intertwined with large malls and shopping centers. If you ask me what I prefer it will always be the small alleys and streets and the mom and pop shops that line them. This tiny wind chime shop was one such find during my visit to Vadodara in the western state of Gujarat in India back in early December.

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Beaches, Family Time & Fun in Mombasa, Kenya

Happy Saturday and happy weekend! Today seems like a perfect day to share with you our fun family time in Mombasa, Kenya this summer. Mombasa on the coast of Kenya with the Indian Ocean as the backdrop is a beautiful, balmy city where our family lives. Visiting them is always a fun holiday. So today I’d like to share happy images of our time here with pics of turquoise blue ocean, our time with the family, and of course delicious food prepared by my sis-in-law Deepa. Enjoy and Happy Weekend!

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The Masai Blanket – Shuka

No trip to Kenya is complete without a masai blanket purchased to bring back home. This colorful garb also called shuka is as traditional as it gets in Kenya. Though worn mostly by the Masai tribe who predominantly live in the Masai Mara region of Kenya, the shuka has become a popular garment all over the country.

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