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Creamy Burrata Cheese with Caramelized Leeks and Onions

Good Thursday to you all.聽 Are you missing going out to your favorite restaurant? Sitting over a relaxing meal with family and friends over candlelight? We may not be able to go to our favorite restaurants and sit together just yet, but we can at least try and bring a piece of it home to enjoy.聽 Enter this restaurant-inspired recipe. I call it restaurant inspired because I can picture one of our little Italian restaurants serving this at the table for everyone to enjoy.聽 In fact, that’s the best way to have this appetizer, all sitting together around a coffee table or in the garden with a chilled glass of drink, chatting and partaking of baguette slices spread with this creamy burrata appetizer. Continue reading Creamy Burrata Cheese with Caramelized Leeks and Onions

Mango Frozen Yogurt

This is the perfect ice cream to make when mangoes have become too ripe to cut and serve. You know how sometimes the skin of fresh mango becomes shriveled and the flesh is so soft that the mango is more juicy and mushy making it hard to cut? These are perfect mangoes for a mango frozen yogurt. All you do is combine soft mango pulp with Greek yogurt and honey to create this deliciously healthy frozen dessert. Nothing fancy, just good simple ingredients and you have a sweet and delicious dessert that anyone can enjoy when you get an ice cream craving.聽 Give it a try! Continue reading Mango Frozen Yogurt

Twins Surprise Virtual Grad Party 馃帗馃帗

Good Monday to you all!聽 I hope you are having a relaxing holiday weekend (for those in the U.S. celebrating Memorial Day).聽 I know it seems each day is blurring into another these days, as one of my friends put it “Feels like every day is a weekend, and every weekend is just another day.”聽 聽Still its nice to know that on the weekend you don’t have to wake up early and get to work online.聽 On our side we had a busier Saturday than we have had in the last three months.聽 My twins graduated high school!!聽 Continue reading Twins Surprise Virtual Grad Party 馃帗馃帗

La Fiesta de los Patios de C贸rdoba. The Festival of the Courtyards of C贸rdoba 2020

Hello and a good Friday to you all.聽 How was your week? I hope it was good one and you got some fresh air despite having to work from home and school from home, maybe you even got to venture out a little more?聽 As some of you may recall couple of weeks ago for Mother’s Day I did a post on an idea for a Mother’s Day flower exchange where my friends and I exchanged flower bouquets made from our own gardens. Continue reading La Fiesta de los Patios de C贸rdoba. The Festival of the Courtyards of C贸rdoba 2020

Araicha Kootu. South Indian Squash Stew with Coconut Paste

Kootu is a type of vegetable stew that is made often in South Indian homes and is a great way to combine lentils and vegetables in a one pot dish. 聽Kootu is made with vegetables, lentils and fresh coconut that are all delicately flavored with spices and is served over steaming white rice. With this combination of ingredients one doesn’t need anything else 聽– protein, starch and vegetables are all taken care of in one delicious meal. Continue reading Araicha Kootu. South Indian Squash Stew with Coconut Paste

Blueberry Raspberry Bran Muffins

These healthyish muffins are made with so many good ingredients that you can almost have them guilt-free.聽 Yes, that’s right, these muffins are healthy enough that they will have you wanting more than one, and the best part is not only are they healthy, the recipe is easy to make too.聽 You don’t even need a mixer! Just whisk the wet ingredients, then sift the dry ingredients, combine the two and bake. In Chef Ina Garten’s own words “How easy is that?”Blueberry bran muffins on
Continue reading Blueberry Raspberry Bran Muffins

Mid May Risotto. Zucchini Chard Risotto

I call this risotto Mid-May Risotto because I made it on a Saturday evening on May 16th with a variety of seasonal veggies I had.聽 They included chard, leeks, zucchini, early spring onions and garlic among other things.聽 When I saw these fresh veggies I couldn’t wait to use them all up! And since we have been having gorgeous weather here, I’m talking cool 70s, sunny skies and cool breeze, all this beautiful weather got me in the mood to make a light veggie risotto accompanied with a glass of wine, you know what I mean? Continue reading Mid May Risotto. Zucchini Chard Risotto

Veggie Planting on our Hill. May 2020

Good Monday to you all.聽 I hope you had a quiet weekend and are ready for the week ahead.聽 Our weekend was low-key, not much excitement to report, which is a good thing. We did a lot of gardening, planting little veggie seedlings, and went for long walks in our neighborhood, and that’s pretty much it; but then I’m sure that’s what we are all doing these days – limited going out and just staying home.聽 Fortunately the weather has been pleasant around here and we were able to step out and get a good dose of well needed fresh air. Continue reading Veggie Planting on our Hill. May 2020

Friday Flowers. The Humble Carpet Rose

Happy Friday everyone.聽 I hope your week is going well and you are looking forward to a relaxing weekend.聽 I am definitely looking forward to a relaxing weekend in the garden as I have a few veggie plants that need planting, and since we are expecting rain I want to get those seedlings in the ground soon.聽 Continue reading Friday Flowers. The Humble Carpet Rose

Afternoon Tea with Friends

Good Thursday to you all. Let’s call this a Throwback Thursday type of post. Today I would like to share with you some pictures from an intimate tea I had with a couple of friends back in early March.聽 I wasn’t planning on taking any photos on that afternoon, but couldn鈥檛 resist all the vibrant colors of beautiful flowers, fruits and the lovely spread of teatime treats. In hindsight I am so happy I took these cheerful photos. You see, earlier this year my friends Devi and Rose and I had been discussing making 2020 the year that we meet more often even if it was for a simple tea. In an effort to keep our new year’s resolution going Devi invited Rose and I for afternoon tea back in early March and the three of us met over tea and treats. We talked about our families and exchanged stories and recipes and spent a lovely afternoon with dear friends.聽 It was also about the same time that information about the corona virus was in the news but not as serious as a topic as it became immediately after; and we were all in lockdown. Continue reading Afternoon Tea with Friends