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Mediterranean Style Afternoon Tea

Hi everyone, are you still on summer holiday mode? Looking for a creative and exotic idea for an afternoon tea? Give this mediterranean inspired teatime spread a try. It’s cool, light, refreshing, and easy to put together. Honestly, this is the easiest afternoon tea spread with the most spectacular of results. Give it a try!

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Peanut Salad

Okay, I must confess I had never had peanut salad before until my friend Padmini served it at a dinner she hosted. This delicious salad is a great way to use an array of summer garden vegetables and herbs like cucumbers, tomatoes and mint. Perfect served on a cool evening or a warm summer day, give this eclectic salad a try!

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Friday Flowers. Flowers from Friends

Hello and happy Friday! Today I’d like to share a few pics of gorgeous flowers and plants I’ve received the last few weeks. With California opening up fully from our year long restrictions on socialization, we are finally able to get together with friends and extended family . With all of us meeting being fully vaccinated we are even getting together and celebrating over dinners, lunches, and teas. With each happy occasion that I’ve hosted I’ve received beautiful flowers and plants.. Enjoy today’s Friday flowers from friends 🥰🌸🌺🌼.

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Sweet Dessert Wine Apricot Blackberry Cobbler

Another cobbler recipe? Yes! That’s right! Because its summer and we are swimming in fruits and what better way to use up a large quantity of over rip fruit than in a sweet delicious cobbler. Here is another cobbler recipe to add to your cobbler repertoire. This time its made with summer sweet apricots, blackberries all flavored with sweet dessert wine!

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Rosé Lime Watermelon Cocktail

With our hot summer days in full force a glass of chilled rosé wine is a welcome respite on a lazy summer evening. How about jazzing it up a bit? This cocktail does just that. With in season watermelon juice, a bit of lime syrup, and wine, the result is a delicious cocktail that’s cool and eclectic.

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Cauliflower Broccoli & Summer Corn Salad with Apples and Green Goddess Dressing

This salad takes fabulous summer corn, cauliflower, broccoli, and celery to create a hearty dish that can be made ahead and taken to any gathering on a hot summer day. Really creative and delicious, this salad just requires that you cut a few ingredients and buy a green goddess dressing . Super easy and delicious, its the perfect summer salad.

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