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A Flavorful Vegetarian Lunch at Devi & Del’s

My Dad visits us here in California about once every year, and every time he visits we are invited for lunch or dinner at a few of our friend’s homes. One of our dear friends are Devi and Del, and over the years going to Devi and Del’s home for lunch when Dad visits has become almost a tradition. The last time we headed over to Devi’s we were treated to a delicious vegetarian Indian lunch. Our friend Rose and her son Alex joined us too, and we all had a lively afternoon discussing cultures (India, U.S. and Philippines) and U.S. politics. Oh my what an animated debate we had – all in good humor 😄. Continue reading A Flavorful Vegetarian Lunch at Devi & Del’s

Pakoras, Cake and Chai. A Menu Worth Replicating

I had my cousins over for tea a couple of weeks ago as I hadn’t seen them in a while, and when all our schedules finally aligned, getting together for Sunday afternoon tea seemed like the perfect low-key way to meet up, catch up, and hang out with some afternoon treats.  What I had planned for tea was going to be delicious and fun 😋 😃. Continue reading Pakoras, Cake and Chai. A Menu Worth Replicating

Mexican Rice and Beans. A Menu Worth Replicating

Hey folks, are you looking for a quick and easy dinner option with a Mexican twist? Give this menu a try with Mexican fried rice and pinto beans. Add some avocado, salsa, and queso fresca cheese if you like and you have a delicious quick and easy vegetarian meal in just 30 minutes.  And you haven’t even heard the most unique feature of this menu – there are no spices in any of the dishes! Just flavorful veggies, salt and jalapenos for a little heat. Continue reading Mexican Rice and Beans. A Menu Worth Replicating

Bitter Veggies, Beets and Brownies Birthday Dinner. A Menu Worth Replicating

It was Hitesh’s birthday last weekend and the kids and I were debating if we should make reservations at a nice restaurant for this occasion, but the girls pointed out that Dad will be coming back from a long week’s business trip and they assumed he would want to relax at home on his birthday on the weekend. So began the planning for a stay at home birthday dinner for Hitesh. Continue reading Bitter Veggies, Beets and Brownies Birthday Dinner. A Menu Worth Replicating

Cream of Celery Soup

Cream of celery soup with creamy hazelnuts? Yup, that’s what makes this soup so yummy and unique. I had this delicious celery soup at my friend Shalini’s home when we met for lunch one afternoon. Creamy celery soup accompanied with a faro salad, some roasted Brussels sprouts on thin pita strips with mint chutney, along with fresh fruit and a cheese board – this lunch was wholesome, nutritious, and packed with flavor. Continue reading Cream of Celery Soup

Valentine’s Day Stay at Home Vegetarian Family Dinner 2018

❤️💞💖💓💗 Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️💞💖💓💗!


Every year a few days before Valentine’s Day my twins ask me this question “What special menu are you planning for Valentine’s Day?”  I don’t know why but the question always catches me off guard, because Valentine’s Day usually falls on a week day and I assume that everyone just wants to get on with their homework and studying and relaxing after a long day at work. Every year I ask the kids if they want to celebrate Valentine’s day on the weekend when it is more relaxed, but I get the same answer every time “No. Valentine’s Day is on February 14th, why can’t we have a special dinner on this day? Maybe even a dessert or something?”   Continue reading Valentine’s Day Stay at Home Vegetarian Family Dinner 2018

A Holiday Dinner at Jo & Oliver’s

Heading over to Jo and Oliver’s for a get together is something we always look forward to especially during the holidays.  We know we will be treated like family in their warm and inviting home and served a special gourmet meal prepared by Oliver. With such a lovely couple as hosts it’s no wonder we look forward to this dinner every year. Continue reading A Holiday Dinner at Jo & Oliver’s

Holiday Lunch with the Girls and Gals

I had my annual holiday lunch with two of my dear friends and my twin girls earlier this week.  A wonderful happy lunch with four of my favorite people. When we get together it’s like a girls party with delicious vegetarian food and sweet sweets. When the five of us get together we fit like a glove – we all get along wonderfully and enjoy each other’s company perfectly – despite our drastic differences in age – 70, 50s and 15! Continue reading Holiday Lunch with the Girls and Gals

Fried Green Pepper Egg Sandwich

I made a delicious egg sandwich for lunch the other day that looked so good that I took an impromptu photo of it, and then took a bite that was pure bliss for a super hungry gal like myself.  Caramelized shallots with some green bell peppers and shishito peppers all cooked together with eggs, and then sandwiched in-between toasted and buttered German farm bread, this sandwich is the kind of sandwich one sits down to savor each bite. Just add an apple to this lunch faire, a cup of tea or coffee, and you have the makings of perfectly simple, quick and delicious homemade lunch. Continue reading Fried Green Pepper Egg Sandwich

A Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s Thanksgiving day after tomorrow and our family is in a mad rush to get all our ingredients for our dinner. This year is special because we haven’t been home for Thanksgiving in a while. Last year we celebrated Thanksgiving in Santa Barbara and had an amazing holiday there. The year before we celebrated Thanksgiving in Sonoma Wine Country where we had an outstanding time in this beautiful part of California. This year we decided to stay in town and celebrate this uniquely American holiday at home. This means an extra special vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner prepared by the entire family. Continue reading A Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner