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Summer Birthday Brunch and Dinner. Menus Worth Replicating

Hello and a good Monday to you all.  How was your weekend?  Relaxing? Quiet? Busy?  I hope you had a chance to not do anything for a bit. For us it was a very quiet weekend, and for me – it was a very relaxing weekend.  That’s because it was my birthday last Friday and all I asked of my family is lunch and dinner to be taken care of and not by takeout 😝 .  I also asked if I could celebrate my birthday for three days  😁 – Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  I am happy to report the family obliged and treated me to homemade lunches and dinners and let me just relax all weekend long.  I did some gardening, took long afternoon naps, read and browsed a lot 😁.  I had a lovely brunch up in the veggie patch on Friday. Then in the evening the twins made dinner.  It really was a perfect birthday and I couldn’t ask for anything more 🥰😘💕❤️ Continue reading Summer Birthday Brunch and Dinner. Menus Worth Replicating

Father’s Day Celebration Menu

A good Monday to you.  I hope your week is starting off well.  How was your weekend? How was Father’s Day Sunday? For us our weekend was very relaxing. We just hung out with the family as we celebrated Father’s Day at home. We spent time at the pool and made a few of Hitesh’s favorite foods. Continue reading Father’s Day Celebration Menu

Twins Surprise Virtual Grad Party 🎓🎓

Good Monday to you all!  I hope you are having a relaxing holiday weekend (for those in the U.S. celebrating Memorial Day).  I know it seems each day is blurring into another these days, as one of my friends put it “Feels like every day is a weekend, and every weekend is just another day.”   Still its nice to know that on the weekend you don’t have to wake up early and get to work online.  On our side we had a busier Saturday than we have had in the last three months.  My twins graduated high school!!  Continue reading Twins Surprise Virtual Grad Party 🎓🎓

Afternoon Tea with Friends

Good Thursday to you all. Let’s call this a Throwback Thursday type of post. Today I would like to share with you some pictures from an intimate tea I had with a couple of friends back in early March.  I wasn’t planning on taking any photos on that afternoon, but couldn’t resist all the vibrant colors of beautiful flowers, fruits and the lovely spread of teatime treats. In hindsight I am so happy I took these cheerful photos. You see, earlier this year my friends Devi and Rose and I had been discussing making 2020 the year that we meet more often even if it was for a simple tea. In an effort to keep our new year’s resolution going Devi invited Rose and I for afternoon tea back in early March and the three of us met over tea and treats. We talked about our families and exchanged stories and recipes and spent a lovely afternoon with dear friends.  It was also about the same time that information about the corona virus was in the news but not as serious as a topic as it became immediately after; and we were all in lockdown. Continue reading Afternoon Tea with Friends

Post Mother’s Day Monday Post

Good Monday to you all!  How was your weekend?  I hope you had a chance to show your Mom how much you love her or tell her virtually this year 😘💕❤️.   Today I would like to share with you my Mother’s Day Sunday which was relaxing and calm 😊😍💕.  My three girls divided their tasks for the day and treated me to a homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner, and we spent the day together on a beautiful sunny day.  Here is a look at what was on the menu on this special Mother’s Day. Continue reading Post Mother’s Day Monday Post

Chili Mint Paneer

Today I would like to share a recipe from a lunch I hosted a while back – months before our Shelter in Place took place. Let’s call this a Throwback Thursday type of post.

I had friends Shalini and Rose over for a casual lunch a while back and I can honestly say that when the three of us get together time just flies. Shalini and Rose are two of my very dear friends, not only can we spend hours together chatting, both these ladies are amazing cooks. Rose is a baker aficionado, and my friend Shalini is a fabulous Indian cook.  In addition to being awesome cooks, they are both health conscious and their foods are mindfully made. Naturally, when these ladies come over I have to up my game, especially my culinary skills. Continue reading Chili Mint Paneer

A Little bit of Sunshine

On day two of staying at home – on Tuesday, which was yesterday our gorgeous Bay Area weather, was back.  As if to remind us that all will be okay 🌞.  Mother nature is on our side.  All that sunshine was beckoning me to get out into my garden and I couldn’t hold back my excitement!  I took care of aphids that were showing up on my rose bushes, pruned flowers that were done blooming, and re-potted a couple of rose cuttings I had made.  Still have more work to do but cloudy skies and rain came back in the afternoon.  It was so awesome though to be outside and enjoy the fresh air! Continue reading A Little bit of Sunshine

Day 1 of Shelter in Place

Hello everyone, wishing you a good Tuesday.  I am hoping everyone is well and healthy and are ready to ride this wave out until we see rays of positive outcomes at the end of this “shelter in place”  “self quarantine” “stay at home” and “social distancing” mandate.  Speaking of words, I purposefully chose the title “Shelter in Place” as it sounds so much more gentle than the harsh “self quarantine.” Continue reading Day 1 of Shelter in Place

Impromptu Weekday Lunch with Friends

Happy Tuesday!

How was your weekend? I hope it was relaxing and you are ready for the week ahead.  For us Saturday was busy cooking and cleaning and setting the table for a dinner I was hosting. It had to be a special dinner as this was the first time our friends were coming over to our place. I made a vegetarian South Indian Tamil spread which seemed to be a huge hit with everyone.  Phew, what a relief!  One of the dishes on my menu was a cauliflower curry that I had just learnt how to make a few days earlier from my friend Padmini when she had me over for an impromptu lunch last week. Continue reading Impromptu Weekday Lunch with Friends

Valentine’s Dinner with the Family

Happy Tuesday!

How was you Valentine’s Day last Friday? Celebrated it with the family? Did you go out for a special dinner? No matter what you do, it’s a day when we can take the extra time to acknowledge that special one or ones in our lives. Today I wanted to share with you this fun and flirty menu my twins and I prepared for our V-day dinner.  I wanted to share this because this menu is not just great for a special family dinner but makes for a wonderful menu with friends as well. The best part of this menu is that every one of these dishes can be prepared well in advance so that when company arrives you can relax. Continue reading Valentine’s Dinner with the Family