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Veggie Planting on our Hill

We finally got around in mid May this year to planting a few veggies in our veggie patch on our hill. I know it’s rather late to be planting veggie seedlings, but better late than never.  Here’s the thing, one of the main reasons I was dillydallying in planting veggies  is because farmer’s markets abound in our area, with farmer’s market in every neighborhood offering farm fresh veggies all year round. Within a few miles of my home alone I can count five farmer’s markets that pop up on Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Not only do we get farm fresh veggies all year round we can buy them at extremely reasonable prices. A bunch of carrots for $2, leeks and beets for $1.50, huge head of cauliflower for $3 – $2.50, giant cabbage for $1.50, 3 bunches of greens for a dollar each, oranges, grapes, peaches, apricots, plums, etc. With prices like these many times I come home with way too many vegetables. Continue reading Veggie Planting on our Hill

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful Moms out there!!  
 🌸💐🌹 Wish you a day filled with lots of love and plenty of relaxation!  😍😘🤗❤️💕

Moms love to receive flowers so in honor of Moms everywhere I would like to share these Mother’s Day bouquets I made for friends and neighbors this year ❤️💕🌹💐 . Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day!!

April Garden Pics

April was a perfect spring like month for us here in the Bay Area. Warm temperatures in the 60s, 70s, and even 80s meant that the garden was waking up and starting to put on its stellar floral show.  However cooler temperatures in the 50s and some 40s meant that the garden wasn’t fully awake yet. Looking at theses garden pics one may wonder “Your garden looks pretty fully in bloom right now.”  To this my response would be “Wait till May when the entire garden is in full bloom!”  Here is a look at what started blooming in my April Bay Area garden. Continue reading April Garden Pics

Flavored Honey

I bought a rather eclectic cookbook filled with not so ordinary vegetarian recipes recently titled Naturally Vegetarian. Recipes and Stories from my Italian Family Farm by Valentina Solfrini. I have never found an Italian cookbook dedicated entirely to vegetarian dishes until this one. While exploring the book I discovered that author Valentina has a blog called food from the Italian countryside.  Her blog is filled with travel stories and nostalgic Italian vegan and vegetarian recipes. On Valentina’s blog is where I found this beautiful post on flavored honeys. Continue reading Flavored Honey

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Austin, Texas

I absolutely love, love wildflowers. They are such carefree plants. With their independent nature, go where I want, pop up where I like, no fuss, sun loving, do what I want type of personality, these plants really do fit the name wildflowers. To my surprise when I visited Austin, Texas in the spring this year, the entire city was swimming in wildflowers. So many wildflowers in fact that they were blooming off every freeway and roadway carefree and beautiful. Gorgeous blue bluebonnets, Indian blankets, pink poppies, salvias, even lavenders and so many more varieties of wildflowers that I was amazed at the show these flowers were putting on in the city. Continue reading Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Austin, Texas

April in Austin

You’ve heard of April in Paris. How about April in Austin? April in Austin is one spectacular experience. Austin, Texas – the capitol of Texas, home of UT Austin (University of Texas at Austin), the tech center of the South, part of Texas Hill Country, wildflowers everywhere, perfect spring like temperatures, warm friendly people, great food, awesome music, and beautiful scenery, Austin is one gorgeous city in April. Continue reading April in Austin

Art Institute of Chicago & The Thorne Miniature Rooms Gallery

The Art Institute of Chicago is a world-renowned art museum and a “must see” in the Chicago visitor’s guide, so naturally when we visited Chicago we had to check it out.  Like any renowned art museum this one in Chicago is extensive and huge. One can easily spend a few days exploring this giant museum. Continue reading Art Institute of Chicago & The Thorne Miniature Rooms Gallery

American Writers Museum. Chicago, Illinois

American Writers Museum in Chicago, Illinois is a totally unique and interactive museum exclusively focused on American writers. To be honest, this museum was a discovery of Anjali who loves to read. Of all the sites to see in Chicago’s visitors guide, her number one request was this one. Boy are we glad we fulfilled her wish because this was the highlight of our trip to Chicago. Totally uniquely American, educational, fun, and full of American literary knowledge, this museum made us all appreciate the great art of writing. Continue reading American Writers Museum. Chicago, Illinois

A March Spring Time Dinner at Pallavi and Parag’s

Last weekend we were invited to our friends Pallavi and Parag’s for a springtime dinner gathering of friends. Heading over to Pallavi and Parag’s is always a fun evening with good company and scrumptious dinner all prepared by Pallavi and her Mom. Pallavi and her Mom love to cook and they go all out to make the most delectable meal. This particular dinner coincidentally was on the Saturday of St. Patrick’s Day, and all the guests were wondering if that was the reason for the gathering. Not really, it was just a dinner to get a few friends together but Pallavi went along with it, “Sure, we can call it a St. Patrick’s Day dinner. We like to celebrate all festivals 😃.”  As expected this dinner was outstanding! Here is a look at what was on the menu for the evening. Continue reading A March Spring Time Dinner at Pallavi and Parag’s

A Sweet Sixteen Birthday Celebration at Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California

The twins turned sixteen last week.  Where do the years go? Ever since the twins became teenagers they have wanted to celebrate their birthdays separately with their own group of friends. Funnily my twins are nothing alike, have absolutely nothing in common except of course their birthday and that they are twins. Continue reading A Sweet Sixteen Birthday Celebration at Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California