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Picnic in the Park with Friend Sheila & Me

I know, a picnic in the park? When was the last time I did that? It’s been ages! When my friend Sheila suggested meeting for a picnic in the park all I could think was “Not meet at a coffee shop?” or “Grab lunch at a cafe?” “Picnic in the park? Seriously? I haven’t done that in years, not since my kids were in elementary school!” What a sweet idea it was and such a beautiful way to meet.

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Christmas Eve Dinner Twenty Twenty

Today I’d like share some pictures from a phenomenal dinner on Christmas Eve with just our two families – ours and Vijay and Priya’s. A small gathering with loads of fun!

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Mediterranean Style Afternoon Tea

Hi everyone, are you still on summer holiday mode? Looking for a creative and exotic idea for an afternoon tea? Give this mediterranean inspired teatime spread a try. It’s cool, light, refreshing, and easy to put together. Honestly, this is the easiest afternoon tea spread with the most spectacular of results. Give it a try!

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Rosé Lime Watermelon Cocktail

With our hot summer days in full force a glass of chilled rosé wine is a welcome respite on a lazy summer evening. How about jazzing it up a bit? This cocktail does just that. With in season watermelon juice, a bit of lime syrup, and wine, the result is a delicious cocktail that’s cool and eclectic.

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