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Mother’s Day Flowers

Hello and Happy Monday! I hope you treated your Mom to a special day yesterday. My Sunday was relaxing and chill. After delivering homemade bouquets to all my friends few days earlier, I received lots of flowers in return. For a flower gal like me, Mother’s Day flowers are the best 💐💐😀. I was also treated to brunch and dinner made by my girls. A delicious creamy polenta baked with spring veggies for brunch, veggie stir fried rice for dinner, and a sweet blueberry cake for dessert. All in all it was a perfect Mother’s Day 💕.

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Happy Lunar New year! The Year of the Ox 2021

I know there aren’t any Lunar New Year parades or celebrations to go to this year but that doesn’t mean it can’t be festive. Making homemade dumplings with the family is one sure way of enjoying time together while celebrating Lunar New Year which is the Year of the Ox in 2021. Here are a few tried out Asian inspired recipes that will surely make Lunar New Year fun at home. Given them a try!

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Diwali Tea with a Friend

Twenty twenty made it difficult for all of us to meet and get together for special occasions like we usually do, and Diwai is no exception. It was impossible for us to host a Diwali celebration for all the reasons the rest of the world is struggling with the onset of the pandemic. But we were able to create a small bubble with select family and friends and that made it possible for us to celebrate holidays safely with our loved ones. An intimate tea with my best friend and Dad to celebrate Diwali? This truly was a magical afternoon,

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Diwali Lunch with Shalini and Prasad 2020

With California on restricted socialization because of COVID it was hard for us to have a Diwali celebration like we do every year. But what’s Diwali without a friend or two to celebrate it with? With our pandemic bubble including our friends Shalini and Prasad it only seemed appropriate to celebrate with these two special friends. Here is a look at our modest Diwali celebration with lunch in our courtyard with good friends Shalini and Prasad.

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