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Veggie Garden Update August 2020

Hello and happy Friday to you all!  How was your week?  Busy? Are you ready for the weekend? Our week was hot hot hot!  This hot weather  we had for almost 10 days caused so many wildfires that our air quality was one of the worst in the world.  A very heartfelt gratitude to the amazing firefighters who are fighting all the blazes around the Bay Area.

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Veggie Planting on our Hill. May 2020

Good Monday to you all.  I hope you had a quiet weekend and are ready for the week ahead.  Our weekend was low-key, not much excitement to report, which is a good thing. We did a lot of gardening, planting little veggie seedlings, and went for long walks in our neighborhood, and that’s pretty much it.  Continue reading Veggie Planting on our Hill. May 2020

Friday Flowers. Fall Roses and Dahlias

Happy Friday!

Sunny skies, warm daytime temps and cool night time temperatures have made this week the quentessential fall weather here in the Bay Area.  Our North Bay wildfires are under control and we are hoping for some rain. In the garden leaves have started falling, and though it’s an up hill battle to keep the garden clean, I keep sweeping  the front stoop only to have more leaves drop right in front of me 😀🍂🍂🍂!  My flowering bushes on the other hand are still holding on tight to their leaves and blooming away, and my veggie patch is looking lush and happy. I even see pea pods on the pea seedlings I planted! Continue reading Friday Flowers. Fall Roses and Dahlias

Summer’s End and Fall Planting in our Veggie Patch

Summer’s End 
by Thaddeus from

It’s evening after the heat of summer afternoon, and I am walking down the dusty gravel road that curves along the canal through the farm.
Beyond the canal our first planting of heirloom tomatoes has been disasembled.
The vines once supported by stakes and string that tower over six feet tall now lie on their sides in awkward lumps.
In the fallen tomatoes, I see a coyote who already sees me. We look at each other, both wondering what the other will do until we both keep going about our evening activities mindful that the other is still there.
Soon this field will be chopped and planted over to cover the crop and these tomato vines will be remembered only on my spreadsheet that tracks history by fields. Continue reading Summer’s End and Fall Planting in our Veggie Patch

Veggie Garden Envy. Veena & Mani’s Veggie Garden in Monte Sereno, California

My flowers have been blooming like gangbusters this summer with nonstop blooms all summer long.  It’s the fairly mild summer we have been having this year that’s making my garden so happy, though in August we have been getting some hot temperatures reaching upto 90s and even 100.  Despite all this cool, warm, hot weather, Anjali’s herb patch is looking great as ever! Continue reading Veggie Garden Envy. Veena & Mani’s Veggie Garden in Monte Sereno, California

The Gardens of the Alhambra. Granada, Spain

The Alhambra Castle and Fortress in Granada has to be one of the most visited places in Spain with five to eight thousand visitors a day from all over the world. This giant castle and fortress compound spans over 35 acres and is covered in the most stunning gardens.

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Drying Herbs at Home 🌿

When I visited my sister Banu in Philadelphia a while back I saw her use this amazing selection of dried herbs for a vegetarian chili she was making.  The herb bottles were beautifully labeled and the herbs dried to perfection. My other sister Shobha and I looked at these beautiful herbs in awe; they looked like Banu had bought them from a specialty food shop, only to find out that Banu dried them all herself at home. 

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August in the Garden & Summer Harvest Pics

I’ve been enjoying gardening this summer because surprisingly the weather has been pleasant where I live in our Bay Area microclimate – with temperatures in the 70s, 80, and sometimes in the low 90s. Flowers have been blooming nonstop and I have been getting a good supply of garden herbs, tomatoes, plums, and apples. Here is a look at what we have been harvesting this summer and enjoying in pastas, pies, and salads. Continue reading August in the Garden & Summer Harvest Pics

Mint. The Social Butterfly of the Garden

Mint, you get a bad rap so often. You take over like a weed many gardeners say. Your fragrance and flavor is very strong, so use it lightly chefs recommend. But to me, you are the social butterfly of the garden.


At any good party we need at least one social butterfly that livens up the gathering with their talkative, amicable, and fun presence.  These personalities mingle easily with everyone and make people feel warm and special. That’s what you are mint, a social butterfly in the garden. Continue reading Mint. The Social Butterfly of the Garden