September in the Garden

Hello and a good Monday to you all! How have you been? I hope you are all staying safe and well. I know I’ve been quiet for a while. I was in a bit of a funk. Between COVID the hot topic on the news daily, not being able to see friends and family, and the wildfires that ravaged our area, my spirits finally went down as I found it hard to stay upbeat and positive.

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Roasted Corn Ceasar Salad

Happy weekend to you. I hope its going well and you have a chance to relax a bit. Its September already! Hard to believe summer is winding down but we are still getting beautiful late summer veggies at the markets and I am always hunting for fun and exciting recipes to try out. Today, I’d like to share this delicious salad made with in -season corn.

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Veggie Garden Update August 2020

Hello and happy Friday to you all!  How was your week?  Busy? Are you ready for the weekend? Our week was hot hot hot!  This hot weather  we had for almost 10 days caused so many wildfires that our air quality was one of the worst in the world.  A very heartfelt gratitude to the amazing firefighters who are fighting all the blazes around the Bay Area. Continue reading Veggie Garden Update August 2020

White Grape Juice Peach Sangria

Yesterday I posted a recipe for a wine based sangria that I made over the weekend with rose wine and white peaches.  My twins kept eyeing it in the refrigerator asking if they could try some “It looks so good Mom, can we try it?”   Of course our answer was a big fat “NO!”  It had an entire bottle of wine plus port, and definitely not for kids.  But I did feel bad that I made such an enticing drink that the twins couldn’t have, and made a non-alcoholic version just for them! Am I good Mom or what?

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White Peach Rosé Sangria

Summertime deserves at least one recipe I post to be a cocktail 🍷🍹.   Here it is a sangria made with white peaches and rosé wine.  White peaches are at their peak right now and these sweet juicy peaches are perfect in a light sangria.  It’s a cool drink that is fruity and delicious.  Add in white grape juice and a hint of port and you get this tangy sweet sangria perfect on a hot summer’s day. Make it the night before so all the fruit gets a chance to flavor the sangria. Continue reading White Peach Rosé Sangria

Goat Cheese, Cherry Tomato and Bell Pepper Egg Toast

A farm fresh dish that uses in season tomatoes and peppers.  These veggies are the base of this delicious brunch.  When you saute peppers, onions and cherry tomatoes in a little butter, the flavors are divine!  Then all you need is good farm bread or sourdough, something that can hold up to the egg that will get cooked in it. Next comes the creamy goat cheese which gets slathered on top.  That’s it.  Nothing complicated, just a little effort in cutting the veggies.   Perfect to make for brunch when you want something fresh and delicious. Give it a try!
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Friday Flowers. Dahlia Bouquet & the Story of the Dahlia

Hello and a good Friday to you!  How was your week? Are you looking forward to the weekend? We sure are. It’ s going to be a low key weekend for us, but that’s just fine. Gosh we are so getting used to lazing around not doing much, but that’s going to change in a couple of weeks when the twins colleges open.  They are remote learning this semester, we didn’t feel comfortable sending them off to college with so much uncertainly looming ahead.  I get to have my twins at home just a little while longer 😊 💕. Continue reading Friday Flowers. Dahlia Bouquet & the Story of the Dahlia

Parmesan White Cheddar Garlic Bread

A good loaf of French bread slathered with garlic, topped off with cheese and then melted in the oven, there is everything delicious in this combination of flavors – Bread, garlic and melted cheese, what more is there to say? It’s delicious 😋!  Garlic bread is the feel good anytime appetizer and favorite spaghetti accompaniment for many of us.  Continue reading Parmesan White Cheddar Garlic Bread

Blackberry Lavender Honey Sauce

With summer in full swing and lots of delicious fresh berries at the markets – this is the perfect time to make a sauce with loads of berries. A honey sauce that isn’t overly sweet and as pretty as can be. It’s the melted butter and fresh blackberries that give this sauce a lovely not so sweet fruity flavor, and little lavender flowers that add a delicate floral fragrance.  This is definitely not your typical overly sweet honey sauce.  Not only does it taste awesome, its the easiest sauce to make.  Just mix all the ingredients together and warm through. Continue reading Blackberry Lavender Honey Sauce

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