Tried and True and Some New. Week 4 of Social Distancing

Hello, hello, how are we all doing? Still hanging in there with Social Distancing? We are all going along doing our part, and we are doing a great job from the news articles I am reading.  It’s the beginning of week 4 in the Bay Area of our Shelter in Place. If you are wondering if all these measures are working, these excerpts gives us a glimpse of hope that it is. Continue reading Tried and True and Some New. Week 4 of Social Distancing

Camellia Blossoms in the Garden

Good Friday to you all.  Today I would like to share pictures of a gorgeous camellia tree blooming in my garden.  I only have one camellia bush, it came with the house and though I’ve moved it a couple of times it always survived and rewards me with sublime pale pink and dark prink striped blooms. These blooms are so pretty that every year I admire their beauty.   Such beauty comes at a price though as these blossoms are so heavy that it be rain or shine, they droop on the bush; making it hard to appreciate these lovely blossoms. Continue reading Camellia Blossoms in the Garden

31 Questions and Answers on COVID-19

My thoughts on what to do now. and other topics.” by Bill Gates

I’ve always admired Bill Gates. His philanthropic work goes without saying and his keen and intelligent observations and opinions on varied topics around the world have been noted by leaders and scientists all over.  That’s why for me knowing what Bill Gates is thinking on COVID-19 was very informative.  He puts it out there in straight talk – no unnecessary editorials, just plain solid information based on data.  If you have questions about the pandemic and are looking for answers backed up with science I encourage you to read this article. The questions are smart and the answers are to the point.  Bottom line:  Wash your hands, Social distancing & Aggressive testing are the answers.

31 Questions and Answers on COVID-19. My thoughts on what to do now and other topics on


Stay safe, stay healthy, wash you hands, and let’s continue on this social distancing journey together.  Sending virtual hugs your way 🤗🤗.

Spring Garlic and Asparagus Risotto

In the springtime around here the farmer’s markets bring out some uniquely springtime produce such as tender garlic.  These garlic actually look like small pale pink onions.  The first time I saw these I had no idea they were garlic.  The farm stand vendor explained that sometimes they pull garlic bulbs out in the spring to sell, that if they left them in the ground they eventually become our regular garlic bulbs that we usually use. The flavor of spring garlic is like a cross between garlic and green onions. I know, interesting right!  Here’s the other interesting tidbit, tender spring garlic are only available in the spring and that too for a month at the most.  Continue reading Spring Garlic and Asparagus Risotto

Spring Cleaning & Healthy Eating. Week 3 of Shelter in Place

Hello and a good Monday to you all.  We are now entering week 3 of Shelter in Place here in the Bay Area.  It’s been tough not being able to see friends and family or for that matter not seeing anyone really.  Technology has made it possible to stay connected but I sure do miss that high touch hug, smile and conversation. It’s been tough, but we will all get through this together. Continue reading Spring Cleaning & Healthy Eating. Week 3 of Shelter in Place

Indian Style Eggs & Parisian Style Sandwich

Good Thursday everyone. How is your week so far?  Quiet and calm? Our week started with everyone working from home and online schooling.  The kids are in a routine with their remote learning, although they did grumble that they didn’t like it. They miss school.  You know, the silver lining with this stay at home order is that now kids appreciate school a lot more 😀.  Even Hitesh had a few sighs of how he misses the social aspect and human touch that work provides.  Nonetheless we are staying put at home to ride this out. Continue reading Indian Style Eggs & Parisian Style Sandwich

Homemade Oat Milk

Oat milk is all the rage right now as an alternative to dairy milk, in fact it is so popular around here that many times when I try to pick it up at the grocery stores they are out of stock.  The first time I had oat milk was at a coffee shop in Healdsburg, California couple of years ago when we were on a Thanksgiving holiday in Sonoma Wine Country.  They were promoting oat milk and were offering a little discount if you gave it a try – and I did!  Imagine my surprise when the latte was as creamy as a regular milk latte and just as delicious. I was sold! Continue reading Homemade Oat Milk

Pink. The color of universal love of oneself and of others.

Good Friday to you all.  It looks like we’ve made it past week one of our “Stay at Home” mandates.   Things went pretty smoothly around here.  Even the chaos at the grocery stores have calmed down.  I went walking yesterday and saw more than the usual number of people walking and getting fresh air, all within the guidelines of “social distancing.”  Basically, people are being respectful of the guidelines set forth to help us all through these trying times.  It’s very reassuring to see. Continue reading Pink. The color of universal love of oneself and of others.

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