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The Allure of Paris. A Walking Tour of Cafes, Patisseries, Boutiques, and Chocolatiers

For so many years I’ve heard Paris described as the most romantic city in the world. Cafes on every corner, patisseries to please us, boutiques that excite us, and art to delight us.  I have to say this is the first time I truly understood the allure of the city. I think it’s because this is the first time we really explored Paris and the art museums in a leisurely manner. Our plan to cover one museum a day and leave the rest of the afternoon open to explore was the perfect itinerary. It gave us an opportunity to take a break from sightseeing and capture the essence of Paris. To truly appreciate the charm that is Paris, one has to walk. How else can one stumble upon the talked about cafes, patisseries, chocolatiers and boutiques? Continue reading The Allure of Paris. A Walking Tour of Cafes, Patisseries, Boutiques, and Chocolatiers

Art & Paris

With so many art museums in Paris that span thousands of years, art can be sometimes hard to fathom.  Yoga, Art, Paris was the premise of this holiday that my daughter Sri and I embarked on in early July through our local Yoga Source studio. Yoga, Art and Paris – such an artistic combination. What better place to see a vast collection of world-renowned art than in Paris? And what better city to practice yoga than in Paris? When one starts off the day with yoga, the mind is open to appreciate any and all art. An open mind is what we had when we toured five renowned art museums in Paris. We loved some art and hated some, but in the end we appreciated all the creativity and work that went into each and every art. Continue reading Art & Paris

Yoga, Art, Paris. A Mother Daughter Parisian Holiday 💐

Bonjour! J’espère que tu as passé un bon weekend.  Hello everybody! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a relaxing 4th of July week.  I had an amazing 4th of July week.  My daughter Sri and I spent it in beautiful Paris! A one week holiday in Paris to see beautiful art and practice yoga. Does this sound too good to be true?

IMG_8876 Continue reading Yoga, Art, Paris. A Mother Daughter Parisian Holiday 💐

Postcards from Italy

The twins Anjali and Rani returned home from a school trip to Italy last week. It was so good to have them home 🤗.  I asked the kids if they were happy to be back, and I got a shrug of the shoulders – “yeah” and a sigh.  I guess I would sigh too if I had to come back home from a fabulous vacation with my friends in Italy, and then start my summer job the next day 😒.  On this fun Italy trip the kids visited Naples, Florence, Bologna, and Rome. Here is a look at some of the highlights from the twin’s memorable holiday in Italy. Continue reading Postcards from Italy

Family Trip Down the Colorado River. Austin, Texas

On day three of our Spring Break vacation in Austin our cousin Pradeep had arranged for a sunset boat cruise on the Colorado River. Interestingly, contrary to what I thought, the Colorado river waterway in Texas is not connected to nor is it part of the longer and more well-known Colorado river that originates in Colorado and flows through Utah and Nevada and runs the length of the state line separating Arizona and California. The Colorado River that runs through Texas flows through Austin and continues southeast on its way to the ocean before emptying into in the Gulf of Mexico. Continue reading Family Trip Down the Colorado River. Austin, Texas

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Austin, Texas

I absolutely love, love wildflowers. They are such carefree plants. With their independent nature, go where I want, pop up where I like, no fuss, sun loving, do what I want type of personality, these plants really do fit the name wildflowers. To my surprise when I visited Austin, Texas in the spring this year, the entire city was swimming in wildflowers. So many wildflowers in fact that they were blooming off every freeway and roadway carefree and beautiful. Gorgeous blue bluebonnets, Indian blankets, pink poppies, salvias, even lavenders and so many more varieties of wildflowers that I was amazed at the show these flowers were putting on in the city. Continue reading Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Austin, Texas

April in Austin

You’ve heard of April in Paris. How about April in Austin? April in Austin is one spectacular experience. Austin, Texas – the capitol of Texas, home of UT Austin (University of Texas at Austin), the tech center of the South, part of Texas Hill Country, wildflowers everywhere, perfect spring like temperatures, warm friendly people, great food, awesome music, and beautiful scenery, Austin is one gorgeous city in April. Continue reading April in Austin

Art Institute of Chicago & The Thorne Miniature Rooms Gallery

The Art Institute of Chicago is a world-renowned art museum and a “must see” in the Chicago visitor’s guide, so naturally when we visited Chicago we had to check it out.  Like any renowned art museum this one in Chicago is extensive and huge. One can easily spend a few days exploring this giant museum. Continue reading Art Institute of Chicago & The Thorne Miniature Rooms Gallery

American Writers Museum. Chicago, Illinois

American Writers Museum in Chicago, Illinois is a totally unique and interactive museum exclusively focused on American writers. To be honest, this museum was a discovery of Anjali who loves to read. Of all the sites to see in Chicago’s visitors guide, her number one request was this one. Boy are we glad we fulfilled her wish because this was the highlight of our trip to Chicago. Totally uniquely American, educational, fun, and full of American literary knowledge, this museum made us all appreciate the great art of writing. Continue reading American Writers Museum. Chicago, Illinois

Walking Tour of Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois came about as our destination for our Spring Break in 2018 because of Rani.  Rani plays cello in her school orchestra and they were participating at the Chicago International Music Festival at the beginning of their spring break, so we decided to stop by Chicago to see her orchestra perform and combine it with a weekend visit to the Windy City. Continue reading Walking Tour of Chicago, Illinois