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Three Days with Aunty Shashi + Two Recipes

Happy Tuesday!
I hope you had a great weekend!

After a busy last week we had a lovely relaxing weekend this past Saturday and Sunday.  I spent most of my time planting up spring bulbs and I also worked on dividing a few of my daylillies and bearded iris in the garden. Speaking of gardening, my Aunty Shashi visited me from South Carolina last week and spent three wonderful days with my family (she is an avid gardener).  The last time I saw her it was under sad circumstances last fall as her young daughter Tara had passed away unexpectedly, but this year her visit is a more upbeat one as she came to celebrate her granddaughter’s 8th birthday down in Southern California; and then made her way up north to the Bay Area to visit with me and my two cousins. It was a lovely time spent with Aunty Shashi whom I affectionately call Shashi because even though she is my Aunty (My Mom’s younger sister) Shashi is only 14 years older than me 😉😀.
Continue reading Three Days with Aunty Shashi + Two Recipes

Walk on the Beach at Pajaro Dunes in Watsonville, California

Watsonville, California is often associated with lush farmlands off Hwy 1 on the Pacific Coast. Here one can see miles and miles of farms growing fruits and veggies off all sorts. Strawberries, raspberries, apples, lettuce, kale, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, artichokes, tomatoes, and much more.  At its core Watsonville is an agricultural community.  But what is often overlooked is that being so close to the ocean, Watsonville also has miles of beautiful beaches. One of these beaches was our destination on a gorgeous fall October morning when my friends Padmini, Rose and I went on a road trip to Pajaro Dunes in Watsonville. Continue reading Walk on the Beach at Pajaro Dunes in Watsonville, California

Foraged Flora Pumpkin Decorating with Friends

Happy Sunday! 

Hi folks, I hope you are having a good weekend! Ours has been a quiet one especially after all the power outages we had the previous weekend, we were happy to be home with electricity and happy to have a low-key couple of days.

Today I would love to share with you a fabulous fall garden project that uses foraged flora and natural garden elements. Are you looking for a creative way to decorate your pumpkins this season? Try this foraged flora pumpkin project that everyone can be a part off. All you need is glue and foraged flora and you can make the most beautiful decorated pumpkin that I promise will look like you purchased it from a high-end florist! Continue reading Foraged Flora Pumpkin Decorating with Friends

Halloween in the Neighborhood 2019

How was your Halloween Thursday? Ours was really nice walking with the kids in our neighborhood.  The weather was pleasantly warm and there were a good number of people out and about having a great time. A few streets down the road from us take Halloween extremely seriously and decorate their homes, their entire street, and get all decked out for Halloween. It’s practically like walking in a Halloween street party!  It’s all in good fun with everyone having a wonderful time.  Here is a look at a few pictures I took of the festivities. Continue reading Halloween in the Neighborhood 2019

Wonderful Friends, Power Outage, and A Memorable Diwali Weekend.

Happy Tuesday!

Hope you had a lovely weekend.  Ours was eventful to say the least!  It was our Indian festival of Diwali this past weekend and Indians all over the world were celebrating in grand style.  I had planned a big party on Saturday for all my friends and family and had catered food and arranged for sweets to be baked by my friend Rose, only to find out Friday that the high wind danger in our area was going to cause power outages on Saturday evening! After all the planning I had done I had to reluctantly cancel our big party 😒😞.   Better safe than sorry. Continue reading Wonderful Friends, Power Outage, and A Memorable Diwali Weekend.

Friday Flowers: Pookalam. Flower Art

Happy Friday!

I am excited to share with you these images of an Indian floral art form called Pookolam that is “floral artwork” that I saw this week.  Pookalam are created in the Southern Indian state of Kerala during their fall-harvest festival. I had never seen a Pookalam until this week when I stopped by my friend Veena and Mani’s home for their annual Navratri Golu celebrations. Every year Mani and Veena put on an elaborate and gorgeous display of mythological Indian dolls and souvenirs for their Golu display, but this year Veena had gone further to create a beautiful Pookalam or flower art for the occasion. Continue reading Friday Flowers: Pookalam. Flower Art

Friday Fruits

Gosh, we are so fortunate to be living here surrounded by beautiful nature, amazing weather, lush green farms, and a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables available all year round.  And in Santa Clara Valley we are even more fortunate to have the most fertile land available that it is no wonder that this area used to be called The Valley of Hearts Delight, especially given that this area was covered in fruit orchards before it became Silicon Valley.  The new Silicon Valley hasn’t gotten away from its roots though, for every home in our area seems to have some fruit tree or another. I should know!  Almost everyone I know has fruit trees in their garden. Continue reading Friday Fruits

Friday Flowers

Oh how I love mint. I don’t know why I love this humble herb so much.  Is it the fresh scent that exudes from every leaf making me feel happy instantly?  Is it that it is so easy to grow that even a novice gardener can grow it? Or is it that it grows so easily and prolifically that if allowed it could take over any garden patch covering it in swaths of green. Or is it that whenever I am working in the garden and happen to rub against a mint leaf I get a whiff of sweet fragrance making me forget the cares of the world, if only for an instant. I love mint so much that I even wrote an ode to mint.  I just love mint. Continue reading Friday Flowers

Mid-September Dinner with Friends Jo and Oliver

Happy Tuesday!  I hope you had a good weekend. Ours was busy, not busy – meaning we had a packed Saturday and a quiet Sunday. Packed Saturday because it was our twins back to school day and Hitesh and I had to split our parental duties so we could meet over fourteen teachers. These are amazing teachers who are teaching the subjects that our twins are taking this year. Subjects ranging from Economics, Statistics, Calculus, Spanish, History of Genocide, Madness in Literature, Poetry in Literature, Orchestra, Choir, Dance Productions, etc.  As you can imagine it was a packed agenda. Then after we got home Hitesh had to take the twins back to school for auditions. I didn’t realize all this when I invited our very good friends Jo and Oliver for dinner on Saturday.  Lucky for me Oliver loves to cook and had asked me earlier in the week if he could bring something and I took him up on his offer! Continue reading Mid-September Dinner with Friends Jo and Oliver

Veggie Garden Envy. Veena & Mani’s Veggie Patch in Monte Sereno, California

My flowers have been blooming like gangbusters this summer with nonstop blooms all summer long.  It’s the fairly mild summer we have been having this year that’s making my garden so happy, though in August we have been getting some hot temperatures reaching upto 90s and even 100.  Despite all this cool, warm, hot weather, Anjali’s herb patch is looking great as ever! Continue reading Veggie Garden Envy. Veena & Mani’s Veggie Patch in Monte Sereno, California