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Apple Date Salad with Nuts and Seeds

Here is a salad recipe with the crunch of apples, nuts, seeds and sweet dates. Really an easy recipe that looks great and tastes even better. I tossed the salad with my favorite balsamic salad dressing for a nice filling salad. Serve it with a side of crusty bread and tea and it makes for a wonderful light lunch option.

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Quick & Easy Pineapple Salad

A pineapple salad that got such rave reviews when I served it that I was pleasantly surprised at how much folks liked it, especially given how quick and easy it was to make. With so few ingredients and a sprig of mint, it was so easy to make yet amazingly delicious. You have to give it a try!

About the recipe

I wanted to make a pineapple salsa type of salad but ended up trying something a little different. I opted to jmake a salad add minced onion, salt and pepper and let the pineapple marinate in the oniony salty juices for a couple of hours. The result is a delicious pineapple salad that tastes like its tossed in a sweet pineapple onion vinaigrette. Refreshing, cool, sweet and salty, this makes for a fabulous chilled salad on a warm summer day.

Serve it along side this other hearty easy to make cauliflower broccoli salad and you have two easy salads on one beautiful platter.

Quick and Easy Pineapple Salad


1 ripe pineapple cut into chunks

1 small onion finely mined

Salt and pepper


Toss the pineapple with the onions, salt and pepper. Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours for the flavors to marinate.

Serve chilled with garnish of herbs.

Rosé Lime Watermelon Cocktail

Happy Friday! Hope you had a good week. Today I’d like to share with you this refreshing cocktail I had at a friend’s place recently. With our hot summer days in full force a glass of chilled rosé wine is a welcome respite on a lazy summer evening. How about jazzing it up a bit? This cocktail does just that. With in season watermelon juice, a bit of lime syrup, and wine, the result is a delicious cocktail that’s cool and eclectic.

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Cauliflower Broccoli & Summer Corn Salad with Apples and Green Goddess Dressing

This salad takes fabulous summer corn, cauliflower, broccoli, and celery to create a hearty dish that can be made ahead and taken to any gathering on a hot summer day. Really creative and delicious, this salad just requires that you cut a few ingredients and buy a green goddess dressing . Super easy and delicious, its the perfect summer salad.

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Beets Poriyal. Beets Saute with Toasted Sesame Seeds and Lentils

This recipe is for all your beet fans out there who are looking for a creative way to make a delicious beets dish. This one is flavored with toasted sesame seeds and urad daal which are split skinned black gram lentils. These two transform beets into a phenomenal dish that tastes so good you’ll be having second helpings.

Ah beets!

I don’t know about you, but for me beets are let’s just say I’m not a fan of beets. I know I know, I apologize to all you beet fans 🙏🏻. Its just that to me veggies aren’t supposed to be sweet, you know what I mean? And let’s not forget the mess beets make with their pinky red color all over the counter and cutting board. Yet, every two weeks I get gorgeous big beets in my farm box. I’ve collected them in the fridge not really knowing what to do. Hitesh on the other hand, loves beets. Enter this beet recipe from my Aunty Uma who visited me this July. She saw these big giant beautiful beets and asked what I was planning on making with them. My response “Do you have any suggestions?” This recipe is what she made.

Visit from Uma Aunty and cooking lessons too

My Aunty Uma visited me last week and I have to be honest, as excited I was to see her I was even more excited to cook with her! I wanted to learn some new Indian dishes away from my comfort zone and that’s exactly what I got to do with my Aunt this summer.

I knew Uma Aunty’s cooking style is extremely healthy and delicious – she even wrote a book on this topic titled Herbal Transformatiions. Ancient Wisdom Revealed for Health and Longevity. This awesome book showcases how to use the benefits of herbs and spices to enhance our well being.

Herbal Transformations. Ancient Wisdom Revealed for Health and Longevity by Uma Swaminathan

Herbal Transformations: Ancient Wisdom Revealed for Health and Longevity Using Herbs and Spices, Yoga, Hygiene and Spirituality. The title says it all. My aunt Uma Swaminathan is the author of this wonderful book that gives you valuable information about Indian spices and herbs and also shows you how to use them to enhance the positive aspects of those spices and … Continue reading Herbal Transformations. Ancient Wisdom Revealed for Health and Longevity by Uma Swaminathan

I’m happy to say we cooked so many wonderful dishes together that Its going to take me a while to write them up and share them here. But this beets saute on the other hand is a quick and easy recipe.

About the recipe

For a non-beet lover I have to admit I liked this dish. It has fabulous smoky flavor from the toasted sesame seeds and lentils that offset the sweetness of the beets. The recipe is pretty simple. First beets are cooked until tender. Then all you do is toast sesame seeds and urad daal (split black gram lentils) with a dried red chili or two. Toast until golden in color, then grind in a spice mill. Then sprinkle the mixture over the beets and stir. That’s it! Really delicious and different, this will make a beet lover of me yet.

Recipe contributed by Uma Aunty


1-2 beets peeled and cut into small chunks
2 tbsp urad daal
2 bsp white sesame seeds
1 dried red chili (optional)
Cilantro for garnish
Fresh lemon juice from 1 small lemon


Cook beets with salt until tender to your liking. Set aside.

In a pan toast the sesame seeds, urad daal and red chili until the lentils and sesame seeds are pale golden in color and release a smoky aroma – about 5 minutes. Remove from the pan and place them on a plate to cool. Once cool grind in a spice mill to a fine spice powder.

Sprinkle the sesame seed blend over the cooked beets and stir in. Taste for salt and adjust accordingly. Top with fresh cilantro and lemon juice. Beets poriyal is ready!

Tuscan Summer Dinner at Babita and Shankar’s

Hello and Happy Wednesday! Hope you are having a good week. Today I’d like to share with you a menu suggestion for a light and summery dinner perfect for an al fresco evening . This menu has everything to make it a fun summery meal – garden fresh salad, garlic bread, pasta and roasted veggies. Serve it with a glass of wine and its perfect on a cool summer evening.

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