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Amazing Tomato Curry

I am so excited to finally share this recipe! I’ve held onto it for 6 months waiting for summer tomatoes to come into season. An eclectic mix of three cultures all come together in this beautiful dish. This amazing recipe comes to you from Jamie Oliver. I was watching one of his cooking shows titled Ultimate Veg on PBS Network when he made this gorgeous looking tomato curry. It was mouthwatering! But I knew for it to taste phenomenal (which it is BTW) I would have to wait until summer so I could use fresh summer garden tomatoes.

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White Grape Juice Peach Sangria

Yesterday I posted a recipe for a wine based sangria that I made over the weekend with rose wine and white peaches.  My twins kept eyeing it in the refrigerator asking if they could try some “It looks so good Mom, can we try it?”   Of course our answer was a big fat “NO!”  It had an entire bottle of wine plus port, and definitely not for kids.  But I did feel bad that I made such an enticing drink that the twins couldn’t have, and made a non-alcoholic version just for them! Am I good Mom or what?

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White Peach Rosé Sangria

Summertime deserves at least one recipe I post to be a cocktail 🍷🍹.   Here it is a sangria made with white peaches and rosé wine.  White peaches are at their peak right now and these sweet juicy peaches are perfect in a light sangria.  It’s a cool drink that is fruity and delicious.  Add in white grape juice and a hint of port and you get this tangy sweet sangria perfect on a hot summer’s day. Make it the night before so all the fruit gets a chance to flavor the sangria. Continue reading White Peach Rosé Sangria

Blackberry Lavender Honey Sauce

With summer in full swing and lots of delicious fresh berries at the markets – this is the perfect time to make a sauce with loads of berries. A honey sauce that isn’t overly sweet and as pretty as can be. It’s the melted butter and fresh blackberries that give this sauce a lovely not so sweet fruity flavor, and little lavender flowers that add a delicate floral fragrance.  This is definitely not your typical overly sweet honey sauce.  Not only does it taste awesome, its the easiest sauce to make.  Just mix all the ingredients together and warm through. Continue reading Blackberry Lavender Honey Sauce

Mushroom Pilaf

I am so excited to share this recipe, because honestly this mushroom pilaf turned out better than I ever expected.  I’ve actually never had a mushroom rice dish except in a risotto, can you believe it?  I’ve had mushrooms is so many ways but in a rice pilaf? Never.  I had this big box of mushrooms waiting to be used and thought I would give making mushroom rice a try.  I was debating on what flavors to add – soy sauce and ginger for an Asian spin?  Herbs? But the one that I kept coming back to again and again is curry flavors for an Indian flair. Continue reading Mushroom Pilaf

Curried Cauliflower Tomato Soup

You know summer is in full swing when Heirloom tomatoes show up at the markets and grocery stores.  Big juicy heirloom tomatoes in a variety of colors are a summertime luxury.  I like to use them in everything and anything!  Sandwiches, tarts, eggs, curries, just cut up and served with salt and pepper, as well as in soups.  In this cauliflower soup to give it a summertime flair I thought I would make it this time with heirloom tomatoes.  With cilantro as my choice of herbs, this soup is deliciously tomatoey with a creamy cauliflower base.  Since I was adding cilantro I got the idea to give the soup a mild curry flavor, because you know we Indians love our curry powder! I added onions and garlic for extra pizzaz and a squeeze of lemon juice to finish it off.  This is one awesome summertime soup for a quiet Sunday soup day.  Give it a try! Continue reading Curried Cauliflower Tomato Soup

Summer Apple Salad

A couple weeks ago I shared photos of my apple tree all dripping with big fat apples and as usual a couple of you did comment “Isn’t it very early for apple season?”  The answer is yes!   These are summer apples – at least that’s what I call them because for over a decade now this little tree has been fruiting in summertime in July/August.  The apples are called Anna apples and according to Wikipedia they are early fruiting variety that do well in warmer climates. Continue reading Summer Apple Salad

Balsamic Vinaigrette

I love balsamic vinegar! I love the fruity, sweet and syrupy flavor with a tangy edge.  Balsamic vinegar perks up any salad and gives it that restaurant quality pizzaz.  Well aged balsamic vinegar is thick, fruity and sweet that in Italy balsamic vinegar drizzled over vanilla ice cream is an extremely popular after dinner dessert. I tell you folks, if you can find a good balsamic vinegar at your local specialty shops it’s worth the indulgence.  The fruity flavor that comes through in these artisanal small batch vinegars is unparalleled and elevates even simple greens salad into something gourmet. Continue reading Balsamic Vinaigrette

Ginger Orange Mocktail

I was sitting enjoying a salad and a sandwich up in my veggie patch on a hot sweltering summer morning last week when I saw her appear, with these beautiful cold drinks. I tell you folks, to sip a cold drink on a hot balmy morning, that mocktail tasted like ambrosia!!  This ginger orange mocktail was created by my daughter Anjali for a brunch time treat on my birthday last week. The mocktail was refreshing, fizzy and tangy and on a hot summer day a cold drink like this one really hit the spot! Continue reading Ginger Orange Mocktail

Zucchini Onion Soup

The inspiration for this soup was a low-key Sunday dinner that my daughter wanted to make and she had her mind set on making soup.  Since we had zucchini in our basket she took my creamy zucchini leek soup as her starting off point and asked me to create a variation with caramelized onions and lots of garlic!  Zucchini onion soup is the soup to make with the delicious summer squash available at the markets and even in our own gardens right now.  Folks, this zucchini onion soup turned out so good that we were having seconds and thirds and we even finished off the entire pot!  The best part?  The soup is so healthy and low in calories it will blow your mind. The calories come from the butter and that too just 2 tbsp for an entire pot of soup.  The rest is all veggies, broth and herbs.  Its even creamy that one might assume there is cream in it, but not!  How healthy is that?  And if its really hot where you live, try the soup chilled and let me know how it tastes! Continue reading Zucchini Onion Soup