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Sugar & Shallot Vinaigrette

Sugar?  In a vinaigrette? What?  Is that what you are thinking? These days when so many of us are trying to minimize sugar in as many dishes as we can, to see old-fashioned sugar being used in a vinaigrette – it’s let’s just say – it’s sweet. I recently had a delectable lettuce salad that my friend Donna made with sweet sugar vinaigrette. Interestingly, sugar makes this vinaigrette very light, unlike honey, agave nectar or maple syrup that can add extra color and flavor. Sugar on the other hand just dissolves into the vinaigrette adding just a bit of sweetness that is very refreshing.  Try it! Continue reading Sugar & Shallot Vinaigrette

Rose’s Rockin Granola

I know, I know, what’s so special about granola you ask? You can buy it anywhere, there are so many flavors and variations, and you can get countless recipes online. What’s so special about this granola?  For me, homemade granola will always be synonymous with my friend Rose’s granola. That’s because until Rose gave me her homemade granola a few years back I didn’t even know one could make it at home. I thought it’s something complicated that only factories and gourmet specialty shops could make. I was happily buying granola in the store for years not ever thinking that it could be made in my kitchen. Continue reading Rose’s Rockin Granola

Apple Walnut Spice Cake

This apple spice cake from all has to be the moistest cake I have ever made.  I shouldn’t be surprised given that the recipe requires 4 cups of chopped apples which makes a large apple spice cake, perfect to take to a party or for a large gathering at home. Give this recipe a try if you are craving a super moist cake chock full of walnuts and fresh apples. Apple Walnut Spice Cake Continue reading Apple Walnut Spice Cake

Red and Green Swiss Chard Sauté

This is an easy no fuss side dish that is just plain good for you.  Super greens like Swiss chard are packed with nutrients and this recipe uses up a good amount of chard leaves. Leafy greens like chard are full of vitamins and minerals,  They are rich in fiber, rich in calcium, potassium, antioxidants, vitamin C, lutein, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, vitamin A, rich in folate, and have a good amount of vitamin E. Is there anything more I can add that is good about leafy greens? For more information on leafy greens and their nutrient packed value to our diet take a look at this link  Leafy Greens. How Food Affects our Health from Continue reading Red and Green Swiss Chard Sauté

Fried Green Pepper Egg Sandwich

I made a delicious egg sandwich for lunch the other day that looked so good that I took an impromptu photo of it, and then took a bite that was pure bliss for a super hungry gal like myself.  Caramelized shallots with some green bell peppers and shishito peppers all cooked together with eggs, and then sandwiched in-between toasted and buttered German farm bread, this sandwich is the kind of sandwich one sits down to savor each bite. Just add an apple to this lunch faire, a cup of tea or coffee, and you have the makings of perfectly simple, quick and delicious homemade lunch. Continue reading Fried Green Pepper Egg Sandwich

Turmeric Spiced Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts have garnered a new wave of popularity in recent years. For decades it seems brussels sprouts were given a bad rap sheet, mainly because of the way they were cooked – usually steamed or boiled and then seasoned with salt and pepper or a cheese sauce 😝. It’s no wonder these vegetables were relagated to the “yuk 😝” pile. But Mom always made brussels sprouts sautéd with a few Indian spices that transformed the little brussels sprouts into a delicious dish.  Continue reading Turmeric Spiced Brussels Sprouts

Dark Chocolate Stuffed Figs with Edible Petals

I’ve been wanting to make something fun and exciting with fresh figs for a while now. I usually make a salad with fresh figs, or a fig tart, or serve figs with cheese and walnuts; or better yet, just eat them fresh and delicious.


This year I wanted to try something new, like a fig sweet treat that looks really pretty and  that looks like it came from a specialty confectioner, and the idea for stuffed figs enrobed in dark chocolate is what came to my mind. Continue reading Dark Chocolate Stuffed Figs with Edible Petals

Potato Curry with Edamame and Tomatoes

I usually make my potato curry with peas or cauliflower and sometimes with bell peppers, this potato curry on the other hand was made with edamame which I thought was rather unusual, but tasted great. This new variation of potato curry is something I had at our friend Padmini’s home for dinner. I asked Padmini to share her recipe and here it is. Continue reading Potato Curry with Edamame and Tomatoes