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Father’s Day Celebration Menu

A good Monday to you.  I hope your week is starting off well.  How was your weekend? How was Father’s Day Sunday? For us our weekend was very relaxing. We just hung out with the family as we celebrated Father’s Day at home. We spent time at the pool and made a few of Hitesh’s favorite foods. Continue reading Father’s Day Celebration Menu

Post Mother’s Day Monday Post

Good Monday to you all!  How was your weekend?  I hope you had a chance to show your Mom how much you love her or tell her virtually this year 😘💕❤️.   Today I would like to share with you my Mother’s Day Sunday which was relaxing and calm 😊😍💕.  My three girls divided their tasks for the day and treated me to a homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner, and we spent the day together on a beautiful sunny day.  Here is a look at what was on the menu on this special Mother’s Day. Continue reading Post Mother’s Day Monday Post

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!
Wishing all the wonderful Moms a wonderful day filled with love and relaxation 💕❤️🧡💛💐 !

Today, on this very special day honoring Moms, I would like to share this poem I discovered titled “To be in my Mother’s garden again.”  This poem spoke to me immediately as my Mom was an avid gardener and a botanist who grew all kinds of flowers, vegetables and herbs in her tiny garden patch, and enjoyed all things nature 🌿🌱☘️💐. Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day!

Valentine’s Dinner with the Family

Happy Tuesday!

How was you Valentine’s Day last Friday? Celebrated it with the family? Did you go out for a special dinner? No matter what you do, it’s a day when we can take the extra time to acknowledge that special one or ones in our lives. Today I wanted to share with you this fun and flirty menu my twins and I prepared for our V-day dinner.  I wanted to share this because this menu is not just great for a special family dinner but makes for a wonderful menu with friends as well. The best part of this menu is that every one of these dishes can be prepared well in advance so that when company arrives you can relax. Continue reading Valentine’s Dinner with the Family

Galentine’s Brunch at Joji’s

It’s Valentine’s week and its been a fun week of flowers, food, family and friends. I’ve been celebrating Valentine’s Day in many ways by planning a special dinner with the twins for V-Day with the family; I’ve also been meeting with friends over tea and brunch, while delivering flowers to others. Continue reading Galentine’s Brunch at Joji’s

Valentine’s Celebration with Two Friends

Valentine’s Day is such a special celebration of love and affection making it the perfect time to let people close to us know how much we care for them ❤️.   With the family we usually have a Valentine’s Day dinner complete with dessert and flowers for all 🌹💐.  When it comes to showing friends how special they are, I like to meet with them over tea or brunch and give flowers to those who live near by. Continue reading Valentine’s Celebration with Two Friends

Tea with a Friend for Valentine’s Day

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? I hope it was relaxing and that you are ready for the week. For me it was a relatively quiet weekend.  Saturday was our normal day taking care of errands. On Sunday my twins were busy working on school projects and Hitesh was out of town on a business trip, thus freeing up my afternoon for tea with a friend.  It’s hard for friends who work to meet during the week, and most of them have busy weekends too because as we all know weekends is when errands and chores get done.  This past Sunday however my friend Radhika was free to stop by and it was the Sunday before Valentine’s week. You know what that means? We got to celebrate our friendship and Valentine’s Day together 💕. Continue reading Tea with a Friend for Valentine’s Day

Celebrating the Indian Harvest Festival of Shankranthi 2020

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? I hope it was relaxing and you are ready for the week ahead.  Our Saturday was packed trying to get our weekend projects done with errands and running around.  On Sunday however we had a lovely afternoon with our Bay Area cousins to celebrate the Indian harvest festival of Shankranthi.  The festival is on January 15th this year but given that its a Wednesday and its hard to get all our families together on a weekday we met on Sunday to celebrate the first of our Indian festivals of 2020. Continue reading Celebrating the Indian Harvest Festival of Shankranthi 2020

New and Exciting Year Ahead 2020!

It’s the beginning of the year 2020!  So much to look forward to and like many of you I am looking at ways to get the year started off great!  Eat healthier, exercise more, get out in nature more, spend time and visit with friends and extended family, these are the types of New Year’s resolutions I have on my list.  Things that are not daunting but more doable and in my control.  That’s what I’ve learnt over the years, making New Year’s resolutions that are in my control makes it easier to accomplish and gives a positive boost to my psyche as the year progresses. That’s why these goals are not Climb Mount Everest type of goals but more achievable, ones that can be achieved in as little as a couple of months. The key will be to stick with them for the long haul and make it part of my lifestyle and routine. Continue reading New and Exciting Year Ahead 2020!