The Indian Engagement Ceremony

My eldest daughter got engaged this past weekend! What a nail biter of a day it was! Mainly because it was orchestrated to be a surprise for her. Well I’m happy to report we pulled off a wonderfully romantic surprise proposal last Saturday. In this post I wanted to share with you pics of the Indian engagement ceremony we had right after Sri said YES!

The rituals of an Indian engagement ceremony

An engagement ceremony in the Indian culture is not only the celebration of the engaged couple, but the coming together of two families. To symbolize this newly developing bond among the two families an engagement ceremony is held with family and friends. During the ceremony along with a brief prayer both sets of parents exchange sweets, flowers, including gifts for the newly engaged couple such as a sari for the girl and traditional Indian attire for the guy. After the ceremony a feast is had with all.

Our intimate engagement ceremony in an unpredictable year

If it were any normal year, we would have invited all our friends and family with some even flying in from all over the country to attend the engagement ceremony. But this is no ordinary year! It’s a once in a century type of year (you know what I mean). To keep it safe and still have a festive celebration we decided to have a very intimate engagement ceremony with just our family and Pranav’s parents. Here is a look at our 2020 Sridevi and Pranav’s engagement ceremony.

A light for Lord Ganesha – the remover of obstacles

Lord Ganesh is worshiped before starting anything new. He is worshipped as the lord of beginnings and as the lord of removing obstacles. Lord Ganesha paves the way for us to move forward in life with positive energy..

Exchanging of sweets, flowers and gifts for the couple

Exchanging cones filled with chocolates and Indian sweets

Lots of hugs to go around 🥰😍

Family pics

Zoom calls with family from all over the world

Toasting the evening with champagne and cider 🍾🥂

Family dinner with Italian cuisine

Ending the night with chocolate cake

A special thanks to our photographer Sri’s uncle Mahesh!!

A heart felt congratulations to the newly engaged couple ❤️💙

32 thoughts on “The Indian Engagement Ceremony”

  1. What a beautiful traditional ceremony..and I bet Pranav and Sri this was a much better proposal then Napa Valley. Such a lovely setting in the garden..hats off to Rani and Anjali for the enthusiasm..All of you look lovely..we had the opportunity to spend time with the lovely couple last week and they really complement one another. Pranav welcome to the family. tonnes of blessings to both for a lovely future ahead.

  2. Beautiful couple. Beautiful family. Blessings and much love to everyone. Thanks for sharing the moments with us. 🙏❤️🥰😍🍾🥂

  3. Congratulations to Sri and Pranav and of course to you.
    Such lovely photo’s of the event. Wonderful news🍾❤️ Shalini

  4. Dolly, such a beautiful, emotional and touching ceremony! I am so happy for our little one. May God Bless them both. Hugs to you all. Delighted to have participated in this joyous moment. 😘🤗

  5. The engagement ceremony was so beautiful and very touching! Looking forward to wedding festivities soon after pandemic ends 🙂 Uma

  6. Beautiful pictures and beautiful ceremony! congratulations to Sridevi and Pranav! Please pass on the message to them Sridevi was looking gorgeous! Uma Chithi

  7. Oh my goodness! Congratulations!

    How amazing everything looks. Covid or no covid, you couldn’t have chosen a better setting Dolly! And your touch of amazing can be seen in every photo.

    Sri looks absolutely beautiful! And her fiancé is so handsome! I wish them all the best from my heart.

    2020 is ending on a good note thank goodness 🙂

    Congratulations to the young happy couple and well done to both families.

    God job Dolly! It looked like a beautiful fantasy story!

  8. Hi Dolly, Kiran told me about the engagement of Sridevi. Congrats to her and you guys. Who is the lucky guy? Please let you dad know I asked how he was and hope all of you are keeping well. Prem

  9. Congratulations to you all🥰! Such a wonderful and joyous occasion during such an uncertain time. So exciting❤️🎉!!

  10. Congratulations, Dolly! Sridevi is simply glowing and they make such a handsome couple. What a beautiful engagement!

  11. Absolutely stunning! You are lucky to have a big and close knit extended family. Ours is very small and super low key. Adopt me. Haha. Van

  12. Beautiful couple ❣️
    Your mom would have been so happy ❣️
    Glad to see your dad is doing well!
    I’m super happy for your fam! We will be there!!

  13. Congratulations to Sri and Pranav. Fabulous Captures of the Engagement Ceremony. Sri looks stunning and Pranav is very handsome and together they make a Lovely Couple. Loved the ambience and the lovely Setting for this important Event. Best wishes and a Life full of Wedded Bliss.

  14. A truly magical evening!! Thanks Kalpana for depicting the entire evening in such a beautiful way!! We are surely blessed to add such a beautiful daughter to our family. The hugs & tears of joy, the smiles and cheers of champagne in your well manicured backyard has added to the warmth & love. Looking forward to many more happy occasions 😊

  15. Wow. Nice post. Enjoyed going through your collecting of photographs. You’re very welcome. As I said it was my pleasure and good fortune. Can’t believe just like yesterday she was crawling all over my Marin Apt living room and look at her now! Pranav is an amazing gentleman in many ways and they are so lucky to have found each other. Mahesh

  16. How truly special!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful, beautiful ritual – very honored to be a part of your community! Gorgeous pictures of both families! Congratulations again to Sri and Pranav on their engagement and to both your families!🎉❤️

  17. Kalpana, thank you for sharing pix of of this beautiful ceremony! What a wonderful way to start your marriage journey🥰

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