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April in Austin

You’ve heard of April in Paris. How about April in Austin? April in Austin is one spectacular experience. Austin, Texas – the capitol of Texas, home of UT Austin (University of Texas at Austin), the tech center of the South, part of Texas Hill Country, wildflowers everywhere, perfect spring like temperatures, warm friendly people, great food, awesome music, and beautiful scenery, Austin is one gorgeous city in April. Continue reading April in Austin

American Writers Museum. Chicago, Illinois

American Writers Museum in Chicago, Illinois is a totally unique and interactive museum exclusively focused on American writers. To be honest, this museum was a discovery of Anjali who loves to read. Of all the sites to see in Chicago’s visitors guide, her number one request was this one. Boy are we glad we fulfilled her wish because this was the highlight of our trip to Chicago. Totally uniquely American, educational, fun, and full of American literary knowledge, this museum made us all appreciate the great art of writing. Continue reading American Writers Museum. Chicago, Illinois

A Sweet Sixteen Birthday Celebration at Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California

The twins turned sixteen last week.  Where do the years go? Ever since the twins became teenagers they have wanted to celebrate their birthdays separately with their own group of friends. Funnily my twins are nothing alike, have absolutely nothing in common except of course their birthday and that they are twins. Continue reading A Sweet Sixteen Birthday Celebration at Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California

A Drive Through Blossom Trail in Fresno County, California

Blossom Trail is an area in Fresno County’s farm land where thousands and thousands of stone fruit trees such as peaches, nectarines, plums and apricots are grown in addition to almond and walnut trees. I’ve wanted to check out Blossom Trail for over two years now. I finally made it out there this past President’s day weekend with the family. What makes this day trip rather unusual is that it’s not made in the summer when the fruits are ripe for the picking but rather in early spring when the fruit trees burst into spectacular blooms. These fruit and nut trees number in the thousands and are all covered in white, mauve, light pink and dark pink blossoms, rivaling any Japanese garden or Washington D.C.’s cherry blossom show. Here is a look at our day trip to Blossom Trail in Fresno County, California. Continue reading A Drive Through Blossom Trail in Fresno County, California

A Company Sales Meeting in Half Moon Bay, California

Living here in Northern California surrounded by so much natural beauty I feel frequently we do take it all for granted. It’s always here, we can go any time, so what’s the rush? But really life takes over and making that trip to the gorgeous beaches or that beautiful fishing village or hiking on those lovely trails very often takes a back seat. Sometimes it is something as simple as my daughter Sri heading off for a company off-site at one of our local beach town venues Half Moon Bay to wake me up from my “taking all this for granted” attitude.  Continue reading A Company Sales Meeting in Half Moon Bay, California

Winter Farmer’s Market Bounty

I was so excited to finally stop by the farmer’s market last weekend after a 2-month hiatus. My usual farmer’s market that I like to go to took a break over the holidays and just reopened a couple weeks ago in January. But with the off and on rain we have had I didn’t get a chance to stop by until last weekend when it was a sunny 65 degrees!  Oh how I love going to the farmer’s market. When I see all that color and fresh produce my senses just get super happy. If I had 4 hands I would buy 8 bags of veggies and fruits, that’s how much I love going to the farmer’s market. Continue reading Winter Farmer’s Market Bounty

A Movie Scene Christmas Market

Over the weekend I got a text from my sister in Philadelphia asking me what one of my daughters would like for Christmas, as she was at a Christmas Market on a farm looking for some cool finds. Her text to me read, “I’m at a German Christmas market on a farm.  It’s snowing outside and there’s nice apple cider inside!  Just loving it!

IMG_4304 Continue reading A Movie Scene Christmas Market

A Visit To A Music Store – Kamimoto Strings in San Jose, California

One of my twins Rani takes cello lessons and she informed me a few weeks ago that she is ready for an adult or rather a big cello instrument. “What’s wrong with the one you have? I asked her. It looked pretty big to me already.


And Rani in her ultimate wisdom informs me, “Mom, I am 15 now, not a little kid anymore, the one I have is from Middle School, I’m in High School now and it’s time for me to get a big cello.”   Continue reading A Visit To A Music Store – Kamimoto Strings in San Jose, California

Heirloom Tomato Harvest Festival in Los Gatos, California

As if we weren’t swimming in tomatoes already from the bounty we had received from our neighbor, Hitesh informs me that there is an Heirloom Tomato Harvest Festival going on in town on Sunday the 17th. How could I resist? I couldn’t. I dragged the girls with me on that Sunday and headed to downtown Los Gatos to check out the Heirloom Tomato Festival.


What a unique experience this was.  Continue reading Heirloom Tomato Harvest Festival in Los Gatos, California

Point Reyes Station, California

Point Reyes Station is a charming small western town an hour north of San Francisco off Hwy 1. It is a lovely little town no more than three to four streets with plenty of appeal. Think modern health conscious boutiques, farm-to table cafes, farmer’s markets, locally sourced food-items, and hand-made artisanal goods.



Point Reyes Station is a favored destination for bicyclists who trek up Hwy 1 and take a break here before continuing on up onto the multitude of scenic back roads in the area.



Beautiful boutiques on tree-lined streets can be explored in Point Reyes Station. Everything from garden decor, home goods, jewelry, and stores focused on fair-trade goods from various parts of the world can be found here.



I came across a hardware store and a feed shop called Urban Farmer selling garden tools, feed and hay too. Don’t you love the name Urban Farmer? 😊



Many dining options are available for visitors here in this quaint town, each one selling gourmet foods made from locally sourced produce. We stopped by a small Italian restaurant called Stellina for lunch where the food was fresh, organic and delicious.



After lunch and a stroll in Point Reyes Station we made our pilgrimage down main street to Cowgirl Creamery to pick up a few artisinal cheeses to take home.


On a Fall Saturday when we were visiting there was a Farmer’s Market in town. Lots of organic vegetables, fruits, cheeses, and of course flowers were in baskets waiting to be taken home. As tempted, as I was to grab a few things especially the beautiful flowers, I knew they wouldn’t last the 2-hour drive home. I noticed a few people sitting at the market enjoying a cup of coffee from a local organic coffee-bean stall that looked so tempting, that I wanted to skip lunch and just have a quick snack instead.


Point Reyes Station is a charming little town where one can stop by on the way to Point Reyes Lighthouse, Point Reyes National Sea Shores, and Bolinas Lagoon. Point Reyes makes a wonderful day trip where one can enjoy the gorgeous natural surroundings that our beautiful Bay Area has to offer.

For more information on Point Reyes and Point Reyes Station take a look at these links. Point Reyes National Seashore   Cowgirl Creamery