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Lemon Rice

I was swimming in lemons a few weeks ago – over 275 lemons.  I posted a recipe for lemonade syrup that used up almost all of them. Guess what? I got another 100 more lemons just last week! Of course I made more lemonade syrup, but I still have a bunch of lemons sitting in my basket.


So I thought let me make a lemon recipe that I grew up with – lemon rice.  Mind you, this recipe doesn’t use a lot of lemon – just three in fact, but it’s a great way to make a lemon flavored main dish. Continue reading Lemon Rice

Rajma. North Indian Spiced Kidney Beans

Rajma is a North Indian kidney-bean curry that is usually eaten with white rice. Rajma is one of those dishes I make when I’ve run out of fresh veggies or don’t feel like cutting a bunch of veggies. It’s quick and easy yet nutritious and delicious all at the same time. If you are like me and always have a few non-perishable goods on hand like a selection of canned beans and tomato sauce, rajma will become one of those go-to meals to make in an instant.
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Roasted Mushrooms, Peppers, Paneer/Tofu Curry

Every time I roast mushrooms for a pasta dish or quiche or even as an appetizer it always occurs to me that these gorgeous roasted mushrooms would taste wonderful with some Indian spices. I finally decided one day to make that roasted mushroom curry I’d been thinking about for a long time. I added paneer (pressed curd cheese) to the dish to give it some substance, but you can also use tofu or any meat of your choice instead.  Here is the recipe.

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Chole. North Indian Spiced Chickpeas

Chole, which is a North Indian chickpea dish from the Punjab region made of chickpeas cooked with onions, garlic and spices is one of the most popular dishes among Indians. Most if not all Indian restaurants have chole on their menu, it’s a staple dish in any Indian restaurant here in America. Most commonly chole is served with a side of batura (deep fried fermented flour tortillas) and a side condiment of raw onions which are put on top of chole and eaten together. When I make chole it is always a treat at our home. Here is a recipe for one version of chole the way I usually make it.

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Ranjit’s South Indian Pan Sautéed Fish

My brother-in-law Ranjit is an amazing cook. He made this outstanding South Indian pan sautéed fish one evening when we visited him and my sister in Philadelphia over the summer. The whole family loved it, kids and adults alike. Being vegetarian I didn’t taste it, but what he made looked so good that I wished I did eat fish. Ranjit served the fish with rice and the combination of golden yellow fish and fluffy white basmati rice looked positively gorgeous on the plate. I asked Ranjit to share the recipe, and here it is. Continue reading Ranjit’s South Indian Pan Sautéed Fish

Roasted Veggies with Hard-boiled Eggs and Spices

Roasted Veggies with spices and hard-boiled Eggs is a wonderful dish that is colorful, chock full of  veggies, and packed with flavor. You can serve it with tortillas or with plain rice. It’s the perfect dish to take to a party or to serve at home when you have a large gathering. It looks great and tastes delicious. Continue reading Roasted Veggies with Hard-boiled Eggs and Spices