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A Company Sales Meeting in Half Moon Bay, California

Living here in Northern California surrounded by so much natural beauty I feel frequently we do take it all for granted. It’s always here, we can go any time, so what’s the rush? But really life takes over and making that trip to the gorgeous beaches or that beautiful fishing village or hiking on those lovely trails very often takes a back seat. Sometimes it is something as simple as my daughter Sri heading off for a company off-site at one of our local beach town venues Half Moon Bay to wake me up from my “taking all this for granted” attitude.  Continue reading A Company Sales Meeting in Half Moon Bay, California

Point Reyes Station, California

Point Reyes Station is a charming small western town an hour north of San Francisco off Hwy 1. It is a lovely little town no more than three to four streets with plenty of appeal. Think modern health conscious boutiques, farm-to table cafes, farmer’s markets, locally sourced food-items, and hand-made artisanal goods.



Point Reyes Station is a favored destination for bicyclists who trek up Hwy 1 and take a break here before continuing on up onto the multitude of scenic back roads in the area.



Beautiful boutiques on tree-lined streets can be explored in Point Reyes Station. Everything from garden decor, home goods, jewelry, and stores focused on fair-trade goods from various parts of the world can be found here.



I came across a hardware store and a feed shop called Urban Farmer selling garden tools, feed and hay too. Don’t you love the name Urban Farmer? 😊



Many dining options are available for visitors here in this quaint town, each one selling gourmet foods made from locally sourced produce. We stopped by a small Italian restaurant called Stellina for lunch where the food was fresh, organic and delicious.



After lunch and a stroll in Point Reyes Station we made our pilgrimage down main street to Cowgirl Creamery to pick up a few artisinal cheeses to take home.


On a Fall Saturday when we were visiting there was a Farmer’s Market in town. Lots of organic vegetables, fruits, cheeses, and of course flowers were in baskets waiting to be taken home. As tempted, as I was to grab a few things especially the beautiful flowers, I knew they wouldn’t last the 2-hour drive home. I noticed a few people sitting at the market enjoying a cup of coffee from a local organic coffee-bean stall that looked so tempting, that I wanted to skip lunch and just have a quick snack instead.


Point Reyes Station is a charming little town where one can stop by on the way to Point Reyes Lighthouse, Point Reyes National Sea Shores, and Bolinas Lagoon. Point Reyes makes a wonderful day trip where one can enjoy the gorgeous natural surroundings that our beautiful Bay Area has to offer.

For more information on Point Reyes and Point Reyes Station take a look at these links. Point Reyes National Seashore   Cowgirl Creamery

An Afternoon in Santa Cruz, California

We are so fortunate to be living so close to our favorite beach town of Santa Cruz, California; just a 20-minute drive on Hwy 17 over the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Santa Cruz has everything a beach town should have and more. First and foremost are what everyone goes to Santa Cruz for – the beaches.

Beautiful beaches line the Pacific Coast in Santa Cruz.

Panther Beach.

IMG_1273 Continue reading An Afternoon in Santa Cruz, California

A Weekend in San Francisco. Fort Baker, Fort Mason & The Ferry Building

It was a warm sunny weekend when we went to San Francisco in the end of February and our plan was to relax at Fort Baker, grab lunch at Fort Mason, and stroll by the Ferry Building and the Bay Bridge.

With a cool breeze and the most beautiful blue skies with puffs of white clouds, the City by the Bay couldn’t have been any more perfect on this weekend.

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Visit to a Goat Farm in Pescadero, California

The twins were turning 10, and this was one of those times when I just didn’t want to plan and organize yet another kids birthday party. Those of you who have kids know this, there are countless kid’s birthday parties, and we as parents are trying to make our child’s birthday unique in some way or another. Parents have done every themed party and original idea there is out there to make their child’s birthday special. I was one of those parents who just didn’t want to do that yet again – that is, go out of my mind trying to be creative and original for another birthday celebration.

This was the year when as a Mom I just wanted to take a break from kids birthday parties.  So I asked the twins if they were okay with NOT having a birthday party that year if I promised to make their birthday very special. The twins thought about this and discussed it among themselves and decided to trust me. Now I was on the hook to deliver! But I knew what I had planned for their 10th birthday would not disappoint.


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A Scenic Drive to Bolinas Lagoon, California

Sometimes you just want to get in the car and go on a drive and enjoy the open-road. You know what I mean?  Especially after a rough week, it’s a great feeling to get away from all the noise and be out in nature. Once in a while I love doing this. Take a drive on a panoramic road where the destination is not something touristy, but rather something more simple; it could be just to check out a farm-stand, or to stop by a special nursery, or in this case, to see a few grey and white seals. Continue reading A Scenic Drive to Bolinas Lagoon, California

The Seaside Village of Half Moon Bay, California

Years ago when I was working at Bay Networks here in the Bay Area, I was Program Manager for a few of their marketing and sales tools, and as part of the project team I hired a company called Medior to do multimedia animation and programming for my products. Medior’s offices were at Pelican Point in Half Moon Bay, California. They had converted an old abandoned fishing warehouse on the docks into an open plan office space for all their programmers, art designers, and office personnel.  It had a view of the Pacific Ocean and the pier, and the building was basically glass from top to bottom. It was a beautiful warehouse. I wish the iPhone was invented back then in 2001, I would have taken a few pictures of that gorgeous office building. I still have the image etched in my mind.  This is how I discovered the quaint town of Half Moon Bay, California, my all time favorite seaside village. Continue reading The Seaside Village of Half Moon Bay, California