Happy Easter & Happy Spring!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!


 Spring brings with it glorious flowers, birds nests, carrots, rabbits, and lovely cool sunshine.


What is more synonymous with rabbits than Peter Rabbit? Will Peter rabbit like carrots or carrot cake I wonder?


Spring carrot cake with edible flowers

Spring is in the air, and birds are chirping away in my garden, I know they are building nests I just don’t know where I will come across a nest or two such as this unexpected hummingbird nest that I stumbled upon.


Let me share these photos I took of a tiny hummingbird nest in one of my rose bushes as I was surveying my garden. Tiny as tiny could be this nest was!! No more than 2 to 3 inches in width. The nest had two little chicks in it!!


I would have missed it if it weren’t for the Mom going mad on me as I walked past the rose bush.





On the topic of hummingbirds, how about making a delicious Southern cake called hummingbird cake?  Full of delicious sweet ingredients like banana, pineapple, and coconut, give this cake a try this spring and decorate it with hummingbird friendly flowers such as nasturtiums.




Little hummingbird
I see you fly
Magical and free
Your flight Is a true mystery
You fly and zip
Truly magical Is your flight
A miracle wrapped up In a little package
You hum along
Buzzing through life
Reminding us Of what it means To fly and to soar
And to zip along life
You are beautiful
Little hummingbird
Show us your grace
And your spirit
And your joy
At a glance you Are there
Then just As soon As you come
You disappear Again
As miraculous
And mysterious
As you entered

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