Master Gardeners Spring Garden Market

Every April there is a plant sale called Master Gardener’s Spring Garden Market.  This is a plant fair for garden lovers.  Hundreds of vendors selling all sorts of plants, gardening tools, and accessories can be found at this fair.  But what they are mostly coveted for is their selection of vegetable seedlings that the Master Gardeners program sells at this fair.

We attended this market last year when I heard about it from my friend Padmini.  We met for lunch, and we were talking about our gardens and discussing what vegetable plants to buy, when she mentioned this fair.  She said she had gone the previous year, and she picked up a few veggie plants that performed very well. Padmini also mentioned that we should get there early as all the plants sell out fast.  I told Hitesh about it, and he thought it would be a great idea to go with the kids. In fact, it was perfect timing because last year April is when we had just finished our new veggie patch and needed vegetable seedlings to plant.

So the twins, Hitesh, and I woke up bright and early on that Saturday morning and headed to the fair and got there a little before 10:00a.m.  But it turns out the early birds get there earlier, right when the fair opens. Just to pick the best seedlings and buy the best veggie plants from the Master Gardeners.  When we got to the veggie seedling area of the fair, 90% of all the plants were sold out.  Seriously! We picked up what we could and planted them in our new veggie patch – and guess what? We got an outstanding crop of vegetables  from those little plants. It was well worth the effort.  Here are some more links to stories I wrote about all the veggies we grew last year.  Veggie picking with the family  Celebrating our first harvest

If you live in the Bay Area I highly recommend going to this spring garden market. Make it a fun Saturday morning event with your family or friends. This year’s Master Gardener Annual Spring Garden Market is on Saturday, April 16th.  Here is the link for more information.

Master Gardener’s Plant Fair

Below are some pics from the Master Gardener’s Fair that we attended last year.





13 thoughts on “Master Gardeners Spring Garden Market”

  1. Kalpana Sheth, i love your amazing Garden with its beautiful flowers of every Hue and the Italian style lay out . Congrats on your Blog too. Vinatha Mami

  2. Kalpana, Enjoyed reading your Master Gardeners Spring Garden Market visit of last year. Great
    outing and fun on a Spring Day! As a matter of fact, l read about this in San Jose Mercury as well as in Almaden Times. I don’t plan to go since I don’t have a green thumb like you. Waiting to see your veggie patch this summer!!!

  3. Sounds like a fun place Kalpana. Your veggie garden looked full of healthy veggies last year. I know you only get the best. I will wait to see how it will grow this year.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sounds like fun! My type of outing – I just wish I had a green thumb! Knowing me, the seedlings may be top of the crop but left to my black thumb, I’d probably kill them!😁
    However, Kalpana, your veggie garden last year was über prolific so I do believe you when you say the seedlings are top-notched! Can’t wait to see what your garden puts out this year!😜

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