Twins Turn 20 & Favorite Dishes

Hello and Happy Saturday! Today I wanted to share with you my twins favorite dishes in celebration of their birthday this week. They turned 20! I can’t believe it!!

Some of you who have been following me for a while have seen the twins grow up from Middle School to High School and now on to college.

They are miles apart on two different coasts (West Coast & East Coast) and they said they couldn’t wait to be in two different Universities. I get it, they’ve been together for 19 years! With the pandemic they were even stuck together at home doing virtual classes. So yeah, they were ready for some apart time .

Sisterly Moment

So imagine my surprise when I caught them having a sisterly moment at a Gap store in San Francisco back in January when they were both home for their break. Hitesh and I watched with a big smile. Despite their constant bickering, these two really have something special 💕.

In celebration of the twins birthdays I wanted to share a few of their favorite dishes that they request when they come home from university. The best thing with these recipes is that they are wholesome healthy and delicious 😘.

Anjali’s Favorite Dishes

Anjali loves Asian cuisine as in Japanese and Chinese. One of her favorite Asian dishes that I make is a miso broth soup with vegetable dumplings. And on occasions when I ask her what Indian food she wants it’s always kichdi (lentil and rice “risotto”)

Rani’s Favorite Foods

Rani’s favorite foods are usually Indian cuisine. And her favorite Indian dish is chole (chickpeas cooked in tomatoes and spices). If she wants something non-Indian it’s usually Italian and her favorite Italian dish is stuffed pasta shells with ricotta, spinach and onions .

If your’e looking for Italian, Japanese or Indian dishes to make this weekend give any of these favorite foods of the twins a try! There’s a reason they’ve been enjoying them for years – they are delicious!

Happy 20th Birthday Anjali and Rani 🎂 !!

20 thoughts on “Twins Turn 20 & Favorite Dishes”

  1. I cannot believe it! Little Rani and Anjali are 20! Wow! Time flies.
    They have bloomed into two beautiful beauties!
    Belated Happy Birthday!

    May God Bless you both with a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous Long Life!


  2. Wishing both Rani and Anjali..a very happy birthday and lovely year ahead. Time really flies. loads of love

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