Cucumber Brie Baguette

Cucumber, brie, baguette this pretty much sums up what makes this easy appetizer so delicious.

About the recipe

This wonderful recipe comes to you from my friend Shalini whom I met for an impromptu tea a few weeks ago. I hadn’t seen her in over three months and we finally got a chance to see each other and catch up.

We chatted for hours over tea and light appetizers. Our tea time spread included this delicious cucumber brie baguette, nuts, olives and fresh fruit all served with a hot cup of chai. It was a delectable treat on a cool sunny afternoon 💕🫖.

Easy appetizer with delicious results

Fresh loaf of baguette topped with brie and a slice of cucumber and mint for garnish, absolutely perfect for a light afternoon tea or as an appetizer with evening drinks.

Just pick up a baguette already sliced for you. Top with creamy brie and sliced cucumbers. Then garnish with mint leaves, salt and pepper and serve. A no fuss recipe with wonderful results. Give it a try!

Cucumber Brie Baguette
recipe contributed by Shalini


1 – 2 Persian cucumbers thinly sliced
1 baguette sliced
Salt and pepper
Mint or parley leaves for garnish


Place the baguette on a platter. Top with slices of brie. Top with sliced cucumbers.

Wait to add the salt and pepper until your’e ready to serve (because the salt will release the water in the cucumber making the appetizer soggy).

Lastly garnish with mint or parsley leaves and serve right away.

Bon Appétit

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