Daffodil Dreams At Filoli Gardens

This year my daffodils are not blooming in profusion like they usually do. I do have daffodils in bloom, but I am used to a stellar show and I don’t have that right now.  I can only assume that they will start blooming later as most of my daffodils are in the shade.  But I am impatient. I love flowers and I am craving some color in the garden

I signed up for Filoli’s email newsletter a while back and recently got notified of Filoli’s Daffodil Daydreams weekend. I asked the girls if we could all go see the daffodils together, and if this trip could be the twins’ birthday party celebration. This would be something unique and special.  Both Anjali and Rani happily agreed and invited three of their friends; Charlotte, Claire, and Maya for the daffodil viewing.  It ended up being a gorgeous sunny day and what a spectacular show it was!


Located 30 miles south of San Francisco, Filoli is a historic country estate garden that is open to the public. The story of Filoli is one of generosity.  Filoli’s web site describes their story in this way “Mr. and Mrs. William P. Roth, who bought the property in 1937 maintained the gardens and gained worldwide recognition. Mrs. Roth made Filoli her home until 1975 when she donated 125 acres, which included the House and formal garden, to the National Trust for Historic Preservation for the enjoyment and inspiration of future generations. The remaining 600 acres was given to Filoli Center.”

The area where Filoli is situated is gorgeous. All you see as you drive towards Filoli gardens are beautiful green hills, and open green space with wild flowers and deer.  The road that runs parallel to the gardens is a very popular biking trail.

The girls and I had an amazing time!  We couldn’t believe our eyes!  We have never seen anything like this – ever!   We were swimming in daffodils, and tulips, and all types of spring flowers. The field of daffodils was something very special. It was like a beautiful green carpet with vibrant yellow embroidery.





500,000 daffodil bulbs burst into bloom at Filoli every year! And it is just amazing!!  Because in nature, daffodils bloom in profusion in the woods and prairies and multiply over time, which is what Filoli garden has tried to replicate. They planted daffodils in mass plantings on their property and those bulbs have multiplied again and again over the years for a stellar show in the spring!  Filoli also showcases how daffodils can be used in pots, in small gardens, in large spaces, and best of all in a woodland setting.







The day we went to Filoli for the daffodil viewing, the weather was unreal -a perfect 70 degrees and sunny!  All the visitors were calmly and happily admiring the flowers in the gardens, which made the entire, experience peaceful and stress free.  I was so thrilled to see the kids enjoying the scenery as much as I was. They were taking pictures left and right, and just kept repeating “Wow, this is so beautiful”, “Take pictures of this, oh and take a photo of that flower”.  “Look at how gorgeous that is”.  Between all of us we must have taken more than 200 photos.


The best way to describe this trip to Filoli is like this – It was amazing. Absolutely gorgeous. Peaceful, enjoyable, and the kids had a great time. Took 100s of photos. The weather was unreal.  Perfect day. A bday the kids will remember. We will all go again next year.   

Filoli Gardens Daffodil Daydreams: More Pics

More Photos










Tulips at Filoli










IMG_7077 (1)



More Spring Flowers at Filoli!



IMG_7096 (1)







Ending the day with birthday cake and tea

8 thoughts on “Daffodil Dreams At Filoli Gardens”

  1. Kalpana Sheth – I loved the way you celebrated your twins’ birthday by taking them to a Garden to enjoy the Daffodils in bloom . This is the best way to teach kids how to enjoy the ecology and the beauty of Nature . Happy Birthday to Rani and Anjali .

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  2. Absolutely beautiful! I do not know which is more prettier, the girls or the garden!! I did not know such a garden existed so close to us. Will try to make a trip there. A memorable birthday for the girls!Thanks for sharing Kalpana.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Basanthi, I asked the girls to wear dresses, otherwise they would have just come in jeans. I was hoping for a beautiful flower show backdrop for some nice pictures, Filoli was amazing! They are closed now until Mother’s Day. They were only open one weekend for the Daffodil viewing.


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