Celebrating the Power of She In the Festival of Navratri. 2018

Happy Navratri!  The Indian nine-night autumn festival of Navratri just got over. Navratri is observed all over India in autumn and is the most important Indian festival only second to Diwali.  Women and girls take central stage during Navratri as this is a celebration of the power of the Goddess in vanquishing evil.


During the nine- night celebration the three forms of the goddess are invoked. Durga – the goddess of strength/ Mother earth/positive energy;  Lakshmi the goddess of wealth and purity;  and Saraswathi the goddess of wisdom, music, arts and knowledge.



O keeper of righteous vows, remember this,
Whenever dharma is in decline,
Or there is upsurge of adharma;
The Sacred Feminine will incarnate.

She will defend dharma.
She will protect us.

from the novel Sita. Warrior of Mithila by Amish
excerpt from Adbhuta Ramayana (credited to Maharishi Valmikiji)

Meaning of dharma:  “The moral order of the universe and a code of living that embodies the fundamental principles of law, religion, and duty that governs all … “ Georgetown University Berkeley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs

Navratri Celebrations 2018

In South Indian Tamil homes Navratri is celebrated with a Golu display for nine nights. Golu displays are created on odd-numbered steps depicting various scenes in Indian mythology using dolls, toys, souvenirs and collectables.  During Golu, women in the neighborhood invite each other to visit and view each other’s Golu and celebrate the arts, music, and education. At the Golu women and children are encouraged to share their performing arts talents by singing or playing a musical instrument of their choice.

Golu Display



We had a great time this fall visiting with friends and family and celebrating Navratri with music, dance and creativity.  Here is a look at this year’s Navratri celebrations.

Navratri Golu at Veena’s. Saturday, Oct. 13th evening

Beautiful Golu display at Veena’s home.

Thank you Veena for inviting us to see your spectacular Golu presentation.

Navratri Golu and dinner at Gowri’s. Saturday, Oct. 13th






Time for the girls to share their musical talents.






Dinner is served.

A lovely Golu evening at Gowri and Sundar’s.

Navratri Golu at Meera, Anika, and Kamya’s. Sunday lunch, Oct. 14th





Musical performances by Rani and Anjali on the cello and saxaphone.

A few pics with Grandma!

Selfie Time 😀

A  beautiful Sunday afternoon spent with family.



Navratri Golu at Divya’s. Sunday, Oct. 14th evening




Mother daughter pics

Another beautiful Golu with beautiful ladies 💐



Navratri Lunch and Golu at Uma’s. Saturday, Oct. 20th





Ladies in their shades of yellow.

A few pics of all the gals in their colorful outfits.





Mother daughter pics.

Lunch is served 😋

A perfect Saturday afternoon with family celebrating the last day of Navratri.


power of the Goddess
by Prajakta Mhadnak on hello poetry.com
She is the nature
She is the creator
She is the nurturer and the destroyer
consort of Shiva, complete source of power.
She is the breath,
She is the death
An eternal fire and internal desire
She is an infinite energy, in dark attire.
She the intensity of black hole and awakened soul
Without her everything is powerless, even the hollowness.
She is in you
She is in me
She is in trinity
She is Shakti.



For more information on Navratri and how it is celebrated all over India take a look at these links What is the festival of Navratri

Navratri, the festival of Goddess Durga is round the corner,
We celebrate this festival for nine days with great pomp and glitter.
Each day has its own significance.

The Goddess is venerated during these days
She embodies the power of creation, preservation and destruction.
Worshipping Her bestows wealth, knowledge and prosperity.
The first three days, the Goddess is venerated as Durga, who destroys evil
The next three days, She is worshipped as Lakshmi, who grants wealth and prosperity.
The last three days, as Saraswati, the Goddess of wisdom,
The tenth day is referred to as Dussehra or Vijayadashmi.
This major festival is celebrated across In East West North and South India,
The whole nation dresses up in vibrant colours
As each day represents a color signifying the deity.
Navratri is a festival of Dance Music and Colours,
Holiness, Life and Religious Unity,
Its a festival we all look forward to as it brings together people of all community.


Celebrating the Power of She.


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  1. Hi Dolly,
    We’re very glad that you all came. Moreover, it was awesome to have Anjali and Rani play the Cello and Trumpet. Meera and I were just talking how nice it was to hear those sounds at our home during Golu. Thanks to Anjali, Rani and you for making it possible.

  2. Thank you Kalpana! Loved all the pictures.Like Uma I also went through the previous years golu pictures of everyone and enjoyed them .

    1. Thanks Veena for doing such a phenomenal job with you Golu! It is always a pleasure to come to your place for Navratri. I am so happy to see that friends are able to go back through memory lane and take a look at previous years Navratri celebrations 😀😍

  3. What an amazing celebration! Love everything about it and you did such a phenomenal job in your write up and photos!! Such richness in this tradition – great piece, Kalpana! Thank you for sharing…🙏🏼❤️

  4. Dolly, nice post, poems/quotes and lovely pictures! Loved the one of Hitesh and Amma. It is a keeper😄!

    Dolly, thanks so much to the girls for performing second time. Can’t tell how much I appreciated it and for all of you coming home and gracing the Golu occasion.

    1. You are welcome, I am happy that the girls could play their instruments for you and Mahesh. The pic with Hitesh and your Mom is adorable! Thank you for inviting us and doing such a lovely job of Navratri Golu!

  5. Thanks Dolly! We all had a great time.. I am convinced we should do more after parties for golu 🙂 Tell Hitesh we did make the masal vada later 🙂

    BTW as usual great pictures and write up on golu in your blog. I ended up going through last two years golu pictures as well 🙂

    1. Thank you Uma for having us over for a post-Navratri lunch, all the food was scrumptious! It’s great that people are able to go back in memory lane and see previous year Golus on my blog!

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