Navratri Celebrations Twenty Twenty

Navratri celebrations are something our family especially the gals look forward to every year. It’s an opportunity for the ladies to get decked in our Indian fineries and meet with friends and family.

This year with COVID restrictions in place, the celebrations were more modest in nature. We met with our Bay Area cousins, and with our good friend Veena one/one . It was more restricted of course, no hugs allowed, butI have to say though meeting dear friends and family one can’t help but laugh and smile. Here are pics of this year’s Navratri celebrations.

Navratri Lunch at Uma’s

My cousin Uma is an amazing cook! For sure we can expect a delicious and fabulous spread when we head to her place for lunch or dinner. Navartri lunch another one of her delicious spreads!

Navratri Lunch Menu

Vadas (deep fried lentil fritters with coconut chutney)
South Indian black eyed pea salad
Coconut Rice
Tamarind Rice
Spinach and moong lentil kootu (stew)
Mixed veggie curry
Yogurt rice
Yogurt parfait
Fresh cut watermelon

Pics of Uma’s Golu

Pics with the cousins

Selfies 😘🥰

Golu Manjal Kumkum time

Tea and Golu Viewing at Gowri’s

Visit with our cousin Gowri for tea and Golu viewing with the same group of cousins.

Navratri Dinner at Veena and Mani’s

We were so honored to be invited to Veena and Mani’s Golu this year. Because of COVID and trying to limit gatherings, Veena had not planned on inviting anyone to view her Golu display but then on the 9th day of Navratri I got a lovely text asking if our family would be open to see her Golu and have a light dinner. What an honor and I felt so blessed. It was a beautiful Golu display as expected and Veena’s dinner spread was as delicious as it always is.

Golu Viewing at Veena’s

Dinner is served

On the Menu:
Masal Vada (lentil fritters)
Coconut Chutney
Coconut Vermicelli Upma
Ashoka Halva (moong lentil halva)

Manjal Kumkum with Veena

I have to thank my cousins Uma, Gowri and my friend Veena for including us in their Navratri celebrations this year! Truly felt festive and we are blessed to have each other.

Happy Navratri!

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