Celebrating Navratri with Family 2022

Hello and Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Good? Relaxing? Ours was fun and busy meeting family for our Indian festival of Navratri.


I’ve blogged about Navratri before which is a nine-day fall festival celebrating the divine feminine. It is usually celebrated among the ladies when they meet and worship the Goddess in all her forms for nine days. As you can imagine, it’s a colorful Indian festival with women dressed in their finest saris and outfits.

Navratri Lunch at Uma’s

In our family my cousins Uma, Meera, and Gowri each hold a Navratri celebration when we all get together and enjoy a feast, while the ladies get a chance to get all dressed up and socialize. The first gathering in this year’s festivities was lunch at Uma’s. Hang out and feast on a delicious lunch – that was the agenda for this Saturday afternoon ❤️. But first we had to take pictures of all the gals dressed up for the occasion 🥰.

Vegetarian feast

Our scrumptious meal started off with lentil fritters called vadas. Then our main lunch faire included a variety of vegetable stir fry dishes, stews and rice.

On the Menu:
Vada – lentil fritters
Potato and cauliflower curry
Bise bela bath – Lentil and Vegetable Rice
Cabbage Kootu (stew withe cabbage, lentils and coconut)
Assorted dessert

Leaving with fun goody bags for all the gals 💕

Navratri dinner at Gowri’s

A colorful dinner at cousin Gowri’s was hosted in the evening. Girls, smiles, and conversation with lots of laughter was the vibe at this fun and casual dinner.

Dinner and more pics with the gals

Navratri is a great occasion to meet with family, friends and the community, and celebrate the start of the fall festival season 🍂.

About Navratri

The Nine Nights Festival of the Goddess
Poem by Kavya …  

Navratri is a festival of Dance Music and Colors,
It’s a festival that brings together people in the community.
It is celebrated across India In East West North and South.

We celebrate this festival for nine days with great pomp and glitter.
Each day has its own significance.

The Goddess is venerated during the nine days.
She embodies the power of creation, preservation and destruction.
Worshipping Her bestows wealth, knowledge and prosperity.

First three days the Goddess is venerated as Durga, who destroys evil.

The next three days, SHE is worshipped as Lakshmi who grants wealth and prosperity.

The last three days, SHE is worshipped as Saraswati, the Goddess of wisdom.

The tenth day is referred to as Dussehra or Vijayadashmi
This day signifies the victory of good over evil and success of truth over lies.

For more information on Navratri – What is the festival of Navratri?

Happy Navratri!
Looking forward to Diwali, Halloween, and Thanksgiving!

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  1. A lovely celebration..the decor looks amazing..its so nice you manage celebrating every festival. Atleast in your blogs now I can identify who is who..
    Your social group is wow.

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