April and May in the Garden

Happy Saturday! We are having glorious weather this week with warm sunny daytime temperatures in the 70s and morning temperatures in the cool 50s!  Just perfect for our gardens to thrive.


On the other hand it hasn’t been so predictably pleasant around here this spring. Back in April we had a strange heat wave with temperatures in the 90s!


The garden didn’t know what was going on especially my roses, which had beautiful buds ready to open slowly and elegantly, but instead they all just burst into bloom almost overnight.

Then a week later we had May showers, lots of it. What this meant for the roses is that the blooms got thrashed and soaked. Between the heat and the rain I had a very short spring rose season this year. Though the roses didn’t fair so well, other plants in the garden thrived and put on a spectacular bloom show.  Here is a look at how my garden faired in April and May of this year.

Roes on our hill:

The Rose Garden:


Roses in our courtyard:


Though my eyes just head to roses in the Spring time, this year all my other flowering perennials were stars.  Each one with a more beautiful bloom than the next, fuchsias, geraniums, lilies, and everything in-between were looking beautiful as ever in my May garden.


Asiatic lillies were especially looking stately in May adding a pop of vibrant color wherever they were blooming.

Azaleas and bearded iris did great as well.

Fuchsias dripping with hundreds of blooms.

I could go on sharing the countless number of photos I have taken of the garden this spring but I will stop here.  There will be lots more to share in June when an abundance of oriental lilies, daylilies, dahlias and other flowering bushes burst into bloom.  Until then, have fun gardening and I wish you a great month ahead.


Hope you had a marvelous May.
Wishing you a joyful June!


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  1. Oh so VERY beautiful! Now I do feel like I had a little walk through the garden 🙂 This may just be the most beautiful flower garden I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing, Kalpana! Can’t wait to have a garden of my own someday- I’ll be coming to you with all my questions! 🙂

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