Cyclamen. The Perfect Winter Valentine Flower

Cyclamen. Their leaves shaped like little hearts ❤️, their flowers shaped like flying hearts 💕 – can you find anything more perfect in nature for Valentine’s Day? ❤️💕



Looking for the perfect nature-inspired Valentine’s present?  Cyclamen!  With their heart shaped leaves and heart shaped flowers, cyclamens are fitting Valentine’s Day winter plants. For the garden lover in your family or a favorite friend, cyclamens make superb Valentine’s gifts. These darling plants are so skillful in putting anyone in a Valentine’s spirit 😍😘🤗❤️💕.



Cyclamen are such wonderful wintertime flowers that it’s easy to see why they are used extensively as landscape flowers all around town in December, January and February timeframe. During the cold winter months cyclamens give a wonderful splash of cheerful color no matter where they are displayed.


The best thing about cyclamens is that they make no-fuss garden plants. They last in the garden all year round and provide visual interest with their smoky variegated leaves. And predictably every winter these hardy cyclamen plants start blooming from December to February when the temperatures get colder.


Though cyclamen are typically seen in the landscape, take this charming flower and plant it up in a pot, and this ordinary winter flower gets transformed into something special.


Cyclamens look great whether they are potted in simple terracotta pots or fancy cachepots with a little decorative moss. No matter how they are presented, it gives us a chance to appreciate the beauty of this simple yet sophisticated cyclamen flower up close.




Cyclamen come in beautiful shades ranging from white to pale pink, coral to red. New varieties are now available which are bi-color, with ruffled flowers, and dwarf varieties that are as small as 3 inches. What all these cyclamens have in common is their easy to care for characteristics that transplant well into any garden.

The origins fo cyclamen.

Cyclamen are Mediterranean plants that grow in large fields all over the Mediterranean islands of Cyprus, Rhodes and  Crete, and on the islands and coastal areas of the eastern Aegean Sea and from southern Turkey to northern Israel.  These are known as wild cyclamens. However it’s the cyclamen persicum variety that is frost hardy and has become what is known as a florist’s cyclamen today, and is the most popular cyclamen variety among the gardening community all over the world. Because of their winter hardy nature, cyclamen persicum varieties are favored flowers in the winter.


Try planting a cyclamen or two in your garden or patio, and enjoy a couple plants indoors as well. But just note that cyclamen don’t do well indoors for long periods of time (no more than 2-3 days).  They need fresh cool air, so enjoy them indoors when you have a guest or two over for tea, but put them back ouside so they can thrive in the cool mild temperatures.  Cyclamen are beautiful, hardy, and easy to take care of ideal little plants for the winter months.



For more information on cyclamen and the best ways to care for them check out these web sites.  How to Grow and Care for Cyclamen  History and Cultivation of Cyclamen. The Cyclamen Society  Indoor Care Instructions for Cyclamen  Best tips to care for cyclamen


Cyclamen. A Perfect Winter Valentine Flower ❤️


18 thoughts on “Cyclamen. The Perfect Winter Valentine Flower”

  1. I always kill cyclamen!!! I can not ever keep one alive. You say they are hardy but I disagree. I think I over water them??? Any other hot tips on keeping these alive??

    1. Honestly, I have a hard time killing my cyclamen. I’ve neglected them, not watered them, and through it all they bounce back. based on my experience, I think you maybe right – your cyclamen are getting too much water. Let the plants dry out in between waterings and see if that works. Good luck!

        1. Outside on a patio like area, that’s where I have mine. they will be green all year, and start blooming in January/Feb timeframe – at least in our area in Northern Califronia.

            1. Yup, you got it. When I have mine inside, they start looking sad after a week or two, cyclamen are not good indoor plants, they definitely like fresh air and sunshine and being outdoors!

    2. One more thing. Based on what I’ve read cyclamen don’t like clay and wet soil, they prefer a more well-drained location. I would recommend you enjoy them in pots so you can control the watering.

    1. 😀😀 I know! The Kind and Queen of hearts are adorable! It was an impulse purchase. I went in to return something at Pier 1 Imports in january and as is typical of me, return one thing came back with two things 😀. My husband asked me what I was going to do with these two Kind and Queen. I told him I didnt know, but I’ll figure something out, they are soooo cute! I can see now that I will get good use of them throughout the year!

      You will like cyclamen, try them out, they are very hardy and easy to take care of. Good luck with them.

  2. Beautiful post Kalpana! You taught me that Valentine gift can be given to everyone you love. Thanks for everything!
    Love you!

  3. From Chocolates to Flowers – Timely Transitionfor Valentine’s day … Cyclamen – looks very dainty and delicate, reminds me of Petunias .. Indeed , a great Valentine Gift … I googled and found out that although Cyclamen these plants are considered poisonous but ,strangely they are also used as herbs s for making medicines for Healing … .Ty so much because of you , i am also learning about plants , flowers and Gardening … … .

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