Primrose. A Delightful Winter Flower

Every winter while I am waiting for my garden to wake up from it’s dormancy I stop by the nursery thinking that they will have some colorful plants to brighten my garden blues. And every year the same plants catch my eye  – cyclamen, pansies, ranunculus, and primrose. It’s the primrose that I gravitate towards as in comes in lovely shades of the rainbow.


Rainbow of colors

Over the years I have bought primroses in colors ranging from blue, yellow, pink, red, and white. I enjoy these delightful flowers indoors for a few days then plant these gems in my garden. The best thing about primroses is that when planted in a shady spot, they bloom all year long brightening up any corner with their vibrant color.


Primroses prefer cool temperatures and is the reason they bloom so well in our winter months. Rest of the year primrose will bloom sporadically as long as they are planted in a cool shady location out of direct sunlight.


When left in a pot or in the ground, over time primrose will get bigger, multiply and become a larger clump of a plant, producing more flowers for our enjoyment.


The humble primrose requires little care making it an easy plant for any novice gardener. Just plant them and let them be. Give them water, a shady spot, and they reward gardeners with blooms all year long.


There is one garden culprit that loves primrose, and that is snails.  If kept unchecked, snails will devour primrose flowers, so check your pot or soil around primroses periodically to make sure there are no snails lurking. If you notice primrose flowers with holes then you know there are snails around.


Perfect winter color indoors

Primrose are perfect indoor plants in the winter when one wants a splash of color for a few days. Just keep the soil moist, and place in a spot with bright natural light and enjoy the bloom cycle for a week or two.


If the leaves start wilting and flowers look sad, then it’s time to give them some fresh air. Place them outside in a sheltered spot in the garden and let them continue their blooming show.


Primrose plants are extremely affordable. Most of the time I can find primroses for $3.50.  What a deal for such gorgeous, brighten-our-day wintertime flowers!


Primrose make darling Valentine’s Day Presents ❤️ 💕

I love to give primroses as little Valentine’s Day presents. Tucked in terra-cotta pots with some moss these darling plants look positively springy and brighten up anyone’s cold February day.


Stop by your local nursery and pick up a couple of these affordable and delightful wintertime flowers. Primroses add a pop of color in any home or garden in the cool winter months.


For more information on primroses and how to grow them indoors or in the garden check out these web sites: Tips on growing primrose plants   How to grow primroses outside  Growing primroses indoors   How to grow and care for primroses


🌸 Primrose: A delightful winter flower 🌸


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  1. They are indeed a delightful winter blooms! My primrose are blooming, remember you asked me to buy them two years ago! Thanks

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