Valentine’s Day Stay at Home Vegetarian Family Dinner 2018

❤️💞💖💓💗 Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️💞💖💓💗!


Every year a few days before Valentine’s Day my twins ask me this question “What special menu are you planning for Valentine’s Day?”  I don’t know why but the question always catches me off guard, because Valentine’s Day usually falls on a week day and I assume that everyone just wants to get on with their homework and studying and relaxing after a long day at work. Every year I ask the kids if they want to celebrate Valentine’s day on the weekend when it is more relaxed, but I get the same answer every time “No. Valentine’s Day is on February 14th, why can’t we have a special dinner on this day? Maybe even a dessert or something?”  



I’ve learnt now that Valentine’s Day is an important day for the kids, and why not? It is a day that celebrates love of all kinds – couples, kids and parents, sisters and siblings, friendships, and countless other loving relationships. Why not make a special weeknight dinner once a year to celebrate love? So for the last couple of years I have been prepared. I have an answer to the question“What’s our special Valentine’s Day menu?”  I have a menu that has some red, some chocolate and it’s vegetarian. I keep it simple, easy, and delicious. Here is a look at this year’s Valentine’s Day stay at home family dinner menu.


Vegetarian Valentine’s Day Stay at Home Family Dinner Menu

Red cabbage and red pepper salad from Recipes by Chefkreso
Pasta Primavera with Winter Vegetables
Cardamom & Saffron Dark Chocolate Nut Bark with assorted Coffee, Chocolate, and Rocky Road Ice Creams
Chocolate Cake from our local bakery Fleur de Cocoa 😋

Red cabbage and red pepper salad





 💗❤️💞 Happy Valentine’s Day! 💗❤️
May your day be filled with 
plenty of love. 😍






13 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Stay at Home Vegetarian Family Dinner 2018”

  1. Everything looks absolutely delicious! I did not celebrate Valentine’s Day growing up. To some point I dislike the commercial approach to the holiday..well most holidays..that said, the message of love is beautiful. I think it’s a holiday that children understands. For them it probably makes a lot more sense to celebrate it on the actual day as well. It sure does for me. For our family it generated many valuable conversations, and a reason to contemplate over what’s important in life. Your way of celebrating it is very appealing. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos.

    1. I’m with you, growing up even my family didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, I think it was just a commercial holiday for my parents and they didnt give it much credence. I think for me it’s a festival that celebrates love and of all the festivals I think in today’s world the most important one that if we all embrace maybe the world won’t be so sad and mad these days.

      Thank you for your kinds words. I hope you had a lovely V-day with your daughter. ❤️

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day Kalpana! You said it right! It is a day to celebrate love of all kinds. Have a wonderful day.

  3. I liked your post on Valentine’s Day! The vegetarian
    menu looks so good and I will try the red cabbage with red pepper salad soon.
    Enjoy the Valentine’s Day with your lovely family!

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