May in the Garden. Lilies, Daylilies, Geraniums and More

Happy Friday! Hope you had a good May and are looking forward to June and the summer holidays. Today I’d like to share pics of my May garden as it looks especially manicured after a fresh coat of mulch for moisture retention during our hot summer months.

The Courtyard. My little oasis

Oh my little courtyard is my favorite spot in my backyard. A little oasis where I go nuts with container gardening. I can grow whatever I want in pots and not worry about water rations since I can water these by hand on days when the entire garden doesn’t get watered.

Flowers and greenery down the path

The rest of the garden is blooming with daylilies, lilies, geraniums and pineapple guava blossoms all handling our up and down temps really well. May has been a wild ride weather wise. Temperatures as low as 55 and as high as 90 degrees all within a matter of days.

More flowers lilies, geraniums and fucschias

Roses that are so picky about the heat are done blooming and are in between bloom cycles. However other beautiful flowers are showing off now.

Mother’s Day Pot

Made a pot with cuttings from all the succulents and geraniums that were included in my Mother’s Day arrangements. So far the cuttings are doing well 🤞🏼.

Garden bouquets to enjoy indoors

I cut a few blooms to enjoy indoors. Might as well enjoy few of them inside 💐.

That’s a look at May in my garden. Hoping for continued milder temperatures in June. Wishing you a fabulous summer ahead!

Happy June! Wishing you a relaxing weekend!

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  1. Such beauty!!!!🌺. Thank you for giving us the happiness, hope and food for our souls with this post! Happy weekend!🥰

  2. Gorgeous garden – thanks, as always, for sharing! Hope you have some quiet moments to enjoy your garden this weekend 🌸

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